[PS4] PES 2021 Season Update $39 - PlayStation Store


The cheaper I could find elsewhere is $59.
To my surprise, it is going for $39 at the PS Store.

This post is just to flag this to the ozbargain community :)

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  • $39.95 on Steam

  • PES used to be a decent game. Its gone from my library for years.

    • It really depends on the kind of game you like. FIFA is on the arcade side, whereas PES simulates football better. I don't play online anymore, so I have been playing PES since last year and it has been a lot of fun.

      • I played PES 8, 2012/13 but after that I had no time for those games until earlier this year FIFA did a lot progress in almost every aspects. It's just Konami's problem they have ruined so many IP.

    • lets start a pes v fifa oz barg forum.

  • I need PES on Switch.

  • They charge that much for a season update? wtf

    • It's better then a $79 new game which is basically the same thing.

    • Apparently they decided to focus on the new generation. The review mentions a few changes, quite similar to what already happens every year anyway. It feels like, this time, they decided to be honest about it.

  • I heard pes doesn't have proper team name and player name ? Is anyway to fix this ?

  • further 20% off if u order the PES 2021 thru PES 2020 (or PES 2020 Lite) in-game menu!
    so u dont even need to have purchased PES 2020 to get further 20% off, just download n install PES 2020 Lite which is free from PSN store (should be the same on XBOX store as well) n click the promo link to purchase PES 2021!
    it might only apply to those club editions, I'm not sure abt the standard edition as I used this method to buy the Man Utd edition.

    PES 2020 Lite:

    20% off info from Konami:

    Discounts are available until 00:00 (UTC) on 29/10/2020.
    *Get 20% OFF by purchasing through the in-game announcement in either eFootball PES 2020 or eFootball PES 2020 LITE.
    *The in-game announcements in eFootball PES 2020 and eFootball PES 2020 LITE that link to the pre-order page may be temporarily unavailable from time to time.
    If you cannot find the anouncements, wait a while then check back later.