After a Multi-Purpose LEGO Technics Set


I would be after a LEGO Technics set which could be reassembled into many different things.
Had a look at and the closest thing looks like

Last I played with Technics was 30 years ago :D and things have changed a bit .. like the wireless motor control …
That being said, I find many of the Technics kits to have a single large purpose-specific plastic which is just not so reuse-friendly.

Have you come across a Lego Technics set which made you think "oh wow I could build so many different things out of this" ?


  • Nope. They are generally designed for one model and may have an alternate build model but usually only Max 2

    Any other variation models may be community driven (e.g. they turned the Porsche 911 RSR into an F1 car)

  • Someone else might be able to chime in, as I can't remember at the moment, but there is a site (or a few) that allow you to put in a kit number and it will tell you what you can build with it and give you a heap of custom builds that people submit.

    I am sure if you google for it, you will find it. I did it a few years ago where I was looking for something else to build and it worked both ways. You could nominate a kit and it would give you builds for that kit, or you could find something you wanted to build and it would tell you what kit would be the best to buy.

    Search for something like "lego kitbash"

    • You might be thinking of rebrickable?

      For example - it has instructions for 7 alternate builds for the Liebherr excavator (though instructions can have a cost)

      Looking at their technic section and just focusing on the last 3 years ( looks like the Mini Claas Xerion 42102 ($15.99) has 71 alternate builds, followed by the Chevrolet Corvette 42093 ($70) with 42 and the Car Transporter 42098 ($200).

      As you get more sets you can enter them into the website and it'll show you what other models you can build using sets you own.

      For OP - I wouldn't jump straight into the excavator. It's cool, but its a heck of a lot of money and a big set when you're just getting into the hobby (and this is coming from someone who has spent over $1k on lego in the last week). Get something like the Corvette which has some really varied alternate builds and isn't too expensive. That also gives you something to do while you wait for 20% sales on the truly expensive sets.

  • try Liebherr R 9800 Excavator
    (you can find it cheaper than RRP)
    You should be able to build something else with 4108 pieces

    oops, just find that you've mentioned the same model. Sorry!

  • Have you tried the lego education sets?

    Something like this might suit your needs

  • That set has 3 XL motors, 4 L motors, and 2 hubs in it. It has big daddy pricing and a total daddy in the product photos.

  • The pieces from the Chevrolet Corvette (42093) can be remixed into 6+ fan-designed models, like a Le Mans car, a pickup truck and even a skull.

    I personally skipped the main build and went straight to the Le Mans car. Looks so much better and was impressed with the design.

  • If you're into robotics, the 31313 EV3 Mindstorms set has kept me going for years. Forklift, Rubik's cube solver, braille writer, chocolate thrower, mechanical snake, you name it. LEGO has their own builds, but you'll find heaps more by other hobbyists all over the web.