What pram configuration to buy

Hi all
Just found out we are expecting twins and currently have a 8 month old.
Just trying to work out what’s the best pram configuration to buy and what brand ?
We currently have a redsbaby jive tandem.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • That's really tricky. Would be easier if you already had twins and we're expecting a single baby as you could wear the baby in a sling and push the older twins in a pram. I have never seen a 3-child stroller but I am sure they exist. I would recommend one with seats one in front of the other rather than side by side unless you are happy to never use it indoors (even double ones that are side by side have trouble with doorways). If you can suck up carrying the older child in a baby carrier for a couple of months you could look at getting one with two seats one on front of the other plus a scoot board under the handlebar. The older child will be able to use the scoot board at around 18 months I think (or whenever they've got decent balance and good grip).
    Actually instead of a baby carrier a hiking backpack is good - you can get the child in and out on your own as the bottom has a stand (you flick out the stand, kneel down, take off the straps and lower hiking backpack to the ground to get the child out)

    • Thanks for that
      I know options are limited.
      Also going to be an issue for car seats haha

      • Congrats OP!! Not sure if helps but Britax Graphene or Brava are decent car seats and I have seen reviews that you can fit 3 of those pretty easily in a sedan.

  • Praying for you. 🙏

  • We were in a similar situation. Had 3 under 3. 2 yo girl and twin boys. The girl is 17 now.
    We got a side by side pram. It worked out great. Had a seat up top for the eldest.
    It was a bit of a squeeze through doors, but usually no problem.
    Tried the scooter thing, but she would get tired of standing, the third seat was better.

    The ones in front seemed to be a tipping hazard and also hard to fold down

    Just make sure it fits in your car. Before buying take it to your car and make sure it fits.

    We also ended upgrading our car to a people mover (Mazda MPV). Ended up being great and very versatile as all the seats are removable.

    Good luck. Get used to people saying "You've got your hand full" :)

  • I have no experience driving a double length, but my vote is for Side by side.
    It's easier to get one or other in/out
    Both can see things equally and can share as they age.

    Perceived minuses;
    Never had a problem getting through standard width doors.
    Rarely had navigational problems at all and never had a navigational problem that couldn't easily be resolved.
    They do take up a lot of boot space!

  • These guys make triplet and quad prams.

    We had a single version of this pram (in fact we still have it the garage somewhere). It's a solid pram, fairly manoeuvrable but it's not going to be as amazing as some of the other prams. Great for terrain that isn't smooth paths.

  • Why not save on the pram and sell the baby?