[VIC] Free 6 Pack of Doss X XPA with First Purchase at The Daily Liquor (Melbourne)


As it says. When you place your first order enter the code for a free 6 pack to be added.
Free delivery over $59 in their service areas (metropolitan Melbourne)

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  • Hi OP, gotta say, this deal is pretty bloody good https://thedailyliquor.com/products/sample-session-pack
    $100 delivered for 48beers plus the free 6pack. Under $2 a beer. Plenty of other 2x24pack deals too

    • Not sure why someone negged this post - it's great value

    • Wezzer, any chance of reporting back on what you think of the XPA? Cheers

      • Sorry xii, I haven't tried the XPA, just the 3/4 IPA and Lager.

        • When you get it, I meant ;)

          • @xii: I've jumped on too many beer deals already. You will be waiting a while for me to review. Untapped has it at 3.54/5 and reviews say it is more of a Pale Ale than XPA.

      • Ordered this morning, delivered by 230pm. Grabbed the sample pack - lager and 3/4 IPA. I've had the 3/4 a few years back (Feb 2018 most recent) Not tried the lager before.
        The lager is clean and easy drinking. Classic lager smell and up front taste, just enough variety on the back palate to call it a new world lager. Also it is dated BB 9/9/21 so very fresh.
        The 3/4 seems a little hazier than I remember. Checked my old untappd check in and it was a lot clearer then. Wonder if the recipe has been modernised… Still just an easy drinking ale. Nothing too heavy on fruit, malt or bitterness. Dated July 2021.
        The Doss X was pretty thin. Not sure where the X is to be honest. That being said, I'm sure there is something in the brewing process that gives it the X but to me it's more of a MOR pale… Easy to drink. Dated May 2021.
        In all honesty, two cases and a free 6 pack with free same day delivery is a pretty sweet deal. Even without the free 6 pack it's a pretty good deal.

    • Sure is. I'm keen to try the xpa as if it's any good I'll be on this deal. 48 beers for $90 delivered is a bargain if it's any good


  • Location [Vic] or [Mel] needed in Title!
    We deliver within metropolitan Melbourne, Monday - Friday.

  • Anyone worked out the delivery radius? 5 or 10 km?

  • What's the min $ for an order? Could I purchase 1 beer and get a free 6 pack?

  • Thanks OP. Decided to grab some samples as fridge fillers.

  • Ordered last night, delivered today. Awesome! DosBlokos pale 6 pack instead of the Doss X XPA but can't complain too much. I imagine they would have had a lot of takers

  • A beer called Doss X? Are they trying to catch a lawsuit?