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1/2 Price: Quorn Varieties (Meat Free Mince 300g $3.10), Quilton 2ply Hypo-Allergenic Tissues 250pk $1.25 @ Woolworths


Quorn Meat Free Varieties $3.10 (Was $6.20)

Thanks to Pricehipster, noticed that Quorn was 1/2 price again. Previous deal in August.

Quorn Mince 300g
Quorn Pieces 300g
Quorn Garlic & Herb Fillets 2 pack
Quorn Vegan Nuggets 280g
Quorn Vegan Breaded Schnitzel 200g

Quorn Mince is a good source of protein.
Love cooking with Quorn? Our mince is great for spaghetti bolognese, homemade meatballs and spicy chilli tacos.

Quilton 2ply Hypo-Allergenic Tissues 250pk $1.25 (Was $2.50)

Great value tissues and good quality for the price.

$0.50 / 100SS

Same as Previous Deals.

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    inb4 "something something meat" postings…

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    Like their products. Mince is so versatile and good source of protein.

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      I'm not vegan/vegetarian, but Quorn mince makes for great tacos. I prefer it to beef mince because I don't need to worry about buying it fresh, or defrosting it. It's cheaper when on sale (smaller weight, but I still get 8 tacos out of a pack, as I would 500g beef), and I think it's better for me.

      • -1

        and I think it's better for me.

        Maybe. It depends what else you eat. Quorn is low fat, so if substituting for beef you end up adding extra cheese to your taco, any health benefit it lost.
        Use some olive oil instead. Especially if you have high cholesterol, and eat too much saturated fat.

        • +6

          you have not seen the disordinate amount of cheese i add to my beef taco

          • +2

            @alebox: Idk why anyone would think putting beef on your tacos stops you from adding cheese. But add the cheese first so it melts and holds your tacos together.

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    Quorn Pieces are seriously underrated. Add them to a jar of simmer sauce (satay, sweet & sour, honey soy, butter chicken, almost anything) and they will soak up the flavour really nicely. With rice on the side, you've got a very cheap and easy (and very filling) meal.

    • +1

      Thanks for pointing that out, I think this is what I've been looking for to put in quick curries in place of chicken. I've used tofu and don't mind it but it needs that extra prep to not be just mediocre.

    • how well do the pieces brown in the pan? do they get the crunchy texture?

      • They brown a little, but you don't want to overcook Quorn as it becomes rubbery, not crunchy.

    • Definitely second to mince as my favourite for versatility. Before the nuggets went vegan they were also great and one of my favourite meals was using them for "fish" tacos.

    • Just did this with butter chicken sauce and it came out really good. I'm not a fan of cutting up chicken, so this will be a very convenient switch for me.

      It's obviously lacking that chicken flavour, but the pieces were a lot softer than the chicken I would normally cook, and the flavour overall was great because of the simmer sauce.

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    Time to stock up!! I keep missing the half price sales and end up paying full price, not this time!

    • I find these seem to be half price almost half the time. I often see lots of discount stickers in the plant meat section at the supermarket, get all excited, then see it's just Quorn, again.

      • I do find that the frozen plant-based substitutes usually have discounts of 10-30% off more frequently, but I also don't go out a lot these days so it's probably just a case of bad timing on my end!

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    I liked their old albums better.

  • -1

    Good stuff, not bland like TVP. A pity they do not sell it on its own merits, instead of just "meat free" or "meat substitute".
    (not plant based BTW, but fungi and animal products)

    Ingredients say "Mycoprotein (94%),", but then the nutrition panel says 14.8% protein. So Mycoprotein(tm) is not actually protein?

    • +1

      Quorn's mycoprotein is apparently not 100% protein, but has ~10% protein based on those ingredients and nutritional values.

      Btw, mycoprotein is quite googleable:

    • +2

      Chefs call meats "protein", but meat is not 100% protein either.
      I looked up beef as an example, it's about 27% protein.

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    Thanks OP, grabbed these along with the 1/2 price Riviana Basmati Rice Pakistan Long Grain 5kg

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    Great product. It's delicious!

  • -3

    mycoprotein = fungi/mould


    • +3

      I heard of adults kissing = sticking tongues into each other's mouths.


    • +7

      It's mince fungus.

      People get upset over the weirdest things…

  • Ingredients show it to be basically egg whites.

    Edit: sorry to reread and it is mostly Mycoprotein, what ever that is.

    • fungus

    • +2

      To some, the name is already telling much, as prefix myco refers to fungi, as in mycology.

      Others can look it up - should be fairly easy, assuming a person can use OzB.

      And the rest must be those afraid of microwave ovens, because "whatever that is, however does it even do that heating magic".

  • +1

    Nice, I do like quorn as an alternative to beans or lentils on occasion. Good stuff!

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