[Resolved] Vodafone Bait and Switch

So yesterday (23/09/2020) in the afternoon at around 5:30pm, I put in an order online with Vodafone for an iPhone 11 pro on the $45 "Red Plus Plan". The plan is for 50gb and there was a promo at the time for $10 plan discount per month for the first 12 months. Total cost incl the discount would've been around $83 per month.

Immediately after putting my order in, I got an email from Vodafone saying they need to confirm some details and that they will give me a call or alternatively they provided a number that I could call between 8-8 mon-fri. I tried calling the number but it went straight to an auto message saying "due to covid we cannot take your call" and hangs up.

This morning I still hadn't received any contact so I went online and tried my order number in the tracking system. That brought up a different number with the same message "call us to confirm some details". I called and got through, only to be told that all their plans have changed as of this morning and the new $45 plan now only has 30gb of data. However, she said she can do $5 off per month for 12 months and add on 10gb. So essentially, I would be paying MORE money for LESS data. I told her this is unacceptable, I don't care what system issues they have, all I know is I signed up when the website advertised a certain plan and I'm not going to accept anything less. She still wouldn't budge so now I am really pissed.

Where would be the best place to direct a formal complaint about this? Does the ACCC handle this?


I got a call back from the same rep who informed me a supervisor has apparently approved for me to sign up on the original plan so I just went with that. Not happy I had to fight for it but got the result I wanted.

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  • Just tell them to honor the deal or cancel the order.
    You can report to fair trading if you'd like, but ACCC won't do anything for individuals.

  • telecommunications ombudsman


  • It's possible that you signed up during their "transition" period after COB on the last day of their current offer, but before the return of their previous deal.

    If they don't give you the deal you signed up for, then they should let you cancel.

  • You could try to get them for misleading advertising or TIO. BUT if they haven't taken your money then you haven't really lost anything. You can't give a refund for something that you haven't paid for (or they give you a full refund for).

    People will argue there is a contract because you click accept. I am sure there will be fine print to say you accept but Vodafone needs to formally accept and there is a cooling off period.

    I am not sure whether $5 a month and 10gb of data you never got is worth the hassle. Obviously it is a cracking deal that is why you are worked up about it.

  • Cancel it (which I’m sure they can accomodate) and move on with your life. Not worth the hassle. My 2¢

  • I don't care what system issues they have, all I know is I signed up when the website advertised a certain plan and I'm not going to accept anything less.

    Well technically you haven't 'signed' up yet, as they needed to validate some details, your contract hasn't started etc.

    Not much you can do, piss and moan for sure, but best to just vote with your money and go elsewhere.

  • Yeah they could always just decline due to your financial check…. Either wear it or remove your application.

  • So
    1) Its not bait and switch
    2) Your order was not finalised until they processed it, they have chosen to finalise it as the plans have changed.
    3) They required you to contact them which means they needed to validate you and as such your contract had not commenced.

    Sadly the offer you signed up for has ended and they have no obligation to honour it.

    • I disagree but can’t be bothered getting into it any further. I’ve already gotten a call back from the same rep who said she has been able to get a supervisor to approve my original plan.

  • if they "bait and switch" you,


    you just bite them in the bum

  • So many sensational headlines these days.