Kogan 27" QHD IPS FreeSync 75Hz Frameless Monitor (2560 x 1440) $299 + Delivery ($0 with First) @ Kogan


I'm no Kogan fanboy but I love this monitor, I now have 2 mounted (VESA) side by side on my desk
Good value for $299
Better value for $255 with Kogan First, cheers to Mike444

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  • Pricing in the title please

  • Wonder how this compares to the Dell one with the same specs that I just purchased.

    • I think you got the better deal if it was $239.

      • ye but they still don't ship out for another few weeks

      • Excellent, just need to be patient until it's dispatched. Yes i did get it for $239, hopefully there is a huge difference between 1080p 60hz and 1440p 75hz to make it worth while.

        • It's night and day difference- coming from someone that just did that upgrade(although my 1080p was a TN panel) and got that exact Dell screen. It's a whole new world.

        • @OneMariachi Has it arrived yet?
          I'm really keen!!! I am moving from 1x 27" + 2x24" 1080p to 3x1440p, the middle one will be the infamous Dell S2721DGF as soon as it's back in stock.

    • Dell is brighter, has 2 speakers, extra hdmi port And it's Dell, better reputation than Kogan at least. 3 year warranty, premium panel guarantee. Oh, cheaper when deal is on.

  • $255 with kogan first, not bad

  • Should I buy this or wait for the dell deal again? Last time bought a keyboard from Kogan which didn't work.

    • I personally would avoid kogan. I had some bad experience with them as well.
      Never brought monitor before, maybe their monitor is good. But I won't take the risk.

      • Same here, I haven't had a great experience with the quality of items bought from Kogan so won't be taking the risk with this Kogan brand monitor. I'll be holding out for the Dell deal or something else.

    • My 2 cents - poor quality and/or service is a risk you take with a company marketed towards low end budgets - but I've had 2 mechanical keyboards from Kogan for <$50 delivered in the last 2 years and they have both been great, as well as other products.

      With Kogan First (free 2 week trial, if you've done before you can use with a different cc number & email for a new one) it's $255 delivered with one year warranty.

      I've never seen a 27 inch, IPS, 1440p, minimal bezel, multiple input option (HDMI, DP, VGA) monitor at this price.

  • looks like no VESA mount?

  • Damn $255 delivered with First, has HDMI & DP - that is a spicy curry mr kogan sir

  • https://pricehipster.com/product/j0qNHDuEqB9vaXogq3MbCA~rJeR...

    Price history for anyone that's interested

  • I'm planning on a dual monitor setup, this works out nicely as a secondary screen. Any idea whats good for 27inch~ 1440p 144hz for a main display?

  • Also Amex member gets $20 off from Kogan.

  • Only tilt, no rotate by the looks of it.
    I am planning to get a 27" as a vertical monitor for coding. Ah well, may be time to buy a monitor arm.

    • They are definitely worth it - however, it's worth noting the position of the mounts. This one has them at the very bottom of the panel. May interfere with positioning quite a bit, especially if using a dual-arm mount and paired with a monitor that has a different positioned vesa mounting holes.

      Next time I think I would just invest in two nice, separate gas struts.

      • Huh, that's a weird place for the mount.
        Anyway, having second thoughts about using a 27" as a vertical monitor because of the height. I have a 24" now as a vertical monitor and was hoping to add a few more cms to the width. Didn't consider that it'd be too tall.

  • Thanks for this, been looking for a decent deal for a few days and at $255 this is pretty great.

    I'd prefer the Dell but at least with this i don't have to get lucky and be online within 5 minutes of the deal being posted.

    • Yep, I think its a good deal too. I just purchased one as a gift. Signed up to Kogan first, can get it for $255. Got a $5 credit referral, so down to $250. Then the Amex $20 cashback deal, brings it down to $230…delivered. Slightly cheaper than the Dell deal, even if its not quite as good, its in stock, and its cheaper!

  • Just reporting to in to say I got one of these and it arrived a couple of days ago after a postage delay. Took about 7 days in total, that's with express postage for extra $4 with Kogan First - so $254 delivered. Currently putting it through its paces but very happy so far. The look is very clean.