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[Switch] Duke Nukem 3D Anniversary - $7.49 (Was $15), Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition - $9.98 (Was $39.95) @ Nintendo eShop


Bulletstorm link:

Hail to the king on Switch with these two rooty-tooty-point-'n-shooties featuring Duke Nukem.

All time low for Bulletstorm on Switch and Duke matching the previous low from when it launched earlier this year for those who may have missed out.

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  • Bulletstorm was a regret purchase for me. Joy-Cons and the FPS slowdown in handheld make it an unenjoyable experience personally.

    Good deal though.

    • FPS in general just sucks on switch (handheld mode). I know I'm worse than most as I'm way too accustomed to mouse and keyboard, but anyway I was playing city of brass on switch..it was so frustrating. Turned on the pc to try it (thanks epic) and it was actually fun.

      Yeah great deal though.

    • Sucks to hear. I played mostly in docked where it was fine. Played a couple times in handheld mode and noticed the frame rate started terribly and then picked up the longer I played. There's a chance I just adjusted to the lower frame, but I do feel it increased in whatever part of the game I was playing it.

  • I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble gum…. and I'm all out of gum

  • Hail to the Me, baby!