What Is The Best Parcel Tracking App for iOS

hi all

I have been using the Aus post app for most of the time but have started reaching packages from other companies (I am a small eBay seller)

and was wondering what is the best tracking app (paid or free but would prefer free)


  • I normally use 17TRACK for tracking non-AusPost items, sometimes have had issues refreshing and notifications can be delayed.
    So far I have been able to track DHL, China Post, FastWay, USPS, and sendle. A lot more carriers are supported.

    Handy if you want to keep a tracking log if you sell items on eBay - as AusPost tracking details are removed after 60 days, you are able to archive items and keep a log of items tracked within this App.

    Other apps require a subscription or only allows a single item to be tracked.

  • I've been using this one. It seems to have ALL the couriers and post offices and has push notifications and you can even integrate wtih Amazon and Gmail


    Free too!

  • Parcel

    Enough said.

  • How about shop (powered by shopify), i've used it when buying through shopify stores, but it also traces packages, and there is an option to pull orders out of your gmail inbox.