Best 85" TV under ~$6k

Hi guys

In the market to buy a new 85 inch TV

Have been looking at the Samsung q80T

And the Sony

Apparently there's a new Sony model coming in the next few weeks

Your thoughts or choice ? Or if you can think or any other brands at a similar price point ?

Thanks heaps


  • I got Sony 85" - beautiful colour and easy to set up -
    I recommend - go with Sony

  • Q80T is the better model out of the two, it's probably more equivelent to the X9500H

    Be aware of the unremoveable ads on the Samsung's home screen, and lack of 4k120 if that matters to you (X9000H will support this but not the X9500H)

    • i cant find the X9500H in the 85" model .. any ideas?

      • You’re correct, the X9500H doesn’t come in 85” - just pointing out that it’s a closer equivalent to the Q80T than the lower X9000H is

    • You can block the ads on Samsung's TVs if you've configured a Pi-hole or other adblocker.

  • " Sony 85" X9000H 4K UHD ANDROID BRAVIA LED TV "

    Key Features
    Screen Size "

    "Technical Specifications
    TV Processor: X1 4K HDR Processor
    Screen Size: 75""

    Before buying that, I'd get them to confirm the listing is for 85"…

  • the 80T is much cheaper on the Samsung EPP portal.

  • thanks guys .. much appreciated!

  • I wouldn't buy either myself… I'd go for the LG OLED's. As far as I'm aware, they have the best picture quality of anything out there, far better than your LED/QLED type TV's you're looking at.

    You won't get them as large as you like for that price, but for me I'd say the better quality is worth it.

    • Just don't connect them to your network unless you want to be spied on my those sneaky motherf*&s.

  • Take a look at the Sony KD85X8500G -

    The smaller models were IPS panels but this one was apparently a VA model that was meant to be respectable. The 9000h would probably have better HDMI 2.1 functionality but for $3495 this clearance model is respectable. Might be able to negotiate lower too.

  • I would go with Sony as I just bought 85” X9000h last weekend from Goodguys Carseldine. Love the Tv and the picture quality to be honest.