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Penrite Outback 4x4 Total Fuel System Cleaner Petrol 500ml $10 (Was $27.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Good reviews and great price

Designed for use in off-road vehicles and for heavy duty cleaning applications Penrite Outback Hardened 4X4 Petrol Total System Cleaner uses powerful additive technology that cleans even the toughest deposits and maintains fuel system cleanliness.

Penrite Outback Total System Cleaner not only removes dirt and deposits from injectors but the entire fuel system while also lubricating components and extending component service life. A clean fuel system promotes good fuel delivery offering improved power, economy, smoother idling and even easier starting. Carbon deposits are removed from intake valves and combustion chambers; improving efficiency and reducing emissions.

1 bottle of Penrite Outback Hardened 4X4 Petrol Total System Cleaner treats up to 100L of petrol. It is compatible for use in Fuel injected and carburetted engines and won’t harm emissions equipment such as catalytic converters and oxygen sensors

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