Monitor Stand for Xiaomi 34"

Any suggestions for a cheap monitor stand for the ultrawide Xiaomi? The issue is that the stand is so wide that most conventional monitor stands will be too small.

Ideally I am seeking a basic product that elevates the whole thing and prefer not to use an arm.


  • Amazon new f80, my friend uses it for the same monitor

    • I can vouch for this also.

      I've got my Xiaomi on this mount and it hasn't dipped at all.

      • How high can your monitor go on this arm? The listing has a maximum vertical adjustment range of 260mm but doesn't say what the maximum or minimum distance from the mount to the desk is.

        Just snapped up the last one for my Xiaomi 34" but now I'm worried it won't go high enough

        • I was eyeing that one off on Amazon all morning too! I got the Xiaomi 34 as well and got the deal on the 27' Dells and want to run triple screen (2x 27 and 1x 34).

          I need new mounts because the monitors won't fit on my desk on their original stands and this mount caught my eye, but only 1 in stock.. Now gone. At least it went to another OZBer

      • Just put mine on an F80, looks great

    • Ideally I am seeking a basic product that elevates the whole thing and prefer not to use an arm

      I +1 on your comment but I am not sure what OP means but not using an arm. Maybe they are talking about a monitor riser like a platform with legs?

  • Look at Varidesk. I have an X34P which is similar dimensions and probably a similar weight.

    All the arms I could find seemed to be no name branded ones from China, sure this is probably made in China too, but its very well made and backed by a decent company that specialises in ergonomics. Price is good too as is warranty.

    The other benefit to the Varidesk is that it has a large base clamp, so your 8kg monitor isn't clamped to the desk by 4cm of metal.

    Also, I had a warranty issue with mine (very minor) and didn't affect the function, but they sent a whole brand new arm to swap one part, and told me to send the rest back when it arrived and i''d had time to set it up so I wasn't without. They paid for all shipping and it was super quick through DHL from memory.

  • I'm looking for a monitor arm too. Eyeing the New Model NB F80, hoping for them to do a deal here soon for $35-40. It currently costs $50 including GST and delivery.

    • I had that stand with 2 arms. To keep the monitors from wobbling I had to use tape to tie them to each other, one then I rested on the table. It is definitely just worth $50.

  • For a cheap monitor for the ultrawide Xiaomi, you need to visit eBay and Amazon.
    You will find a list of different monitors. Check and select the most appropriate one.