How is everybody enjoying rocket league?

Rocket league is my favourite game of all time just wondering what everyone else thinks.

Trust me I won't be offended if you hate it.


  • I enjoyed it and played for 60 hours over 2 years. Not playing regularly enough meant that my skills were stagnant and I was stuck between winning a bunch on casual and losing a bunch in competitive.

    I eventually stopped a year or so back when matchmaking was taking way too long. I partner up with friends in 2v2 or 3v3. Was a casual rl player.

    The lootbox and key system was something I didn't enjoy.

    • That system has been changed completely now. The new system really isn't that much better either tbh but there's no gambling at least.

  • fun stuff. simple dumb well executed fun that you can jump into for a few short mins and enjoy and then go do other stuff.
    never tried competitive, but have a couple hundred hours in casual
    I find that some days you are just really in the zone and all your moves are amazing. Then the next day it can feel like you are playing for the other team, every shot is terrible

    always fun though, but already kinda feels like it could get a little weird with free to play changes. I used to love TF2 until it went free and became all about hats and too many new weapons and class changes
    I guess cosmetic items wont affect gameplay, but if they ever try to introduce some new boost mechanic, thatll be the end of it

    • I am extremely doubtful they will ever change the core mechanics.

  • Either this game has a pretty steep learning curve or it's just not for me. I feel two steps behind everyone else in the game, just driving around aimlessly. My teammates must hate me…

    • It can take some time to learn. At about 100 hours it should start clicking

    • turn on ball cam

  • Installed it last night of switch, but put in over 100 hours 3-4 years ago on PC

  • First thoughts - it makes me dizzy. Only played some tutorials so far, but the camera control system seems weird and I didn't like it.

    Anyone got any ideas on the settings to change to make it more 'normal'?

    • +1

      Pick a pro players settings it should make it wider fov can take a little bit to get used to but feels much more natural. Turn camera shake off if it's on.

  • hate the level 10 rule for competitive

  • it makes me rage so much, but i love it

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