Porting from Telstra to Boost via Vodafone?

Hey all,

Just wondering if porting from Telstra to Boost via Vodafone will have any issues? Or do I need to contact Boost for a special SIM? I'll leave a day in between each port just in case.

Thanks in advance

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  • Why not go direct from Telstra to Boost?
    They have a specific FAQ for it:
    If you are porting from Telstra to Boost, you’ll need a special blank SIM. Please message us by clicking “Message Us” on our Help page to request one.

    What did they say when you "messaged" them?

    • Good Luck
      The "porting team" for this is Telstra Retentions
      While its can be done.. be prepared for the process involved.

  • No issues, if you are porting out of Telstra to Vodafone then port in to Boost then no need for a special SIM. Or as another person said, just skip the porting to Vodafone and go Telstra directly to Boost, then you'll need a special SIM but you minus a porting out and in step in the meantime. Just go to the Help page of Boost to request it.

    • Thanks for confirming that going to another telco works. I knew that I could go directly but my plan ends soon and who knows how long it will take Boost to send the special SIM.

      • I haven't had any issues but some people have experienced how bad it can get if your number is in limbo (some have taken weeks or months to get it sorted i've heard). For me no such issues yet. I ported out to Amaysim (Optus) last time then ported back into Boost.

      • You do not need a special sim
        a $2 sim works, just pick one up and contact them on live chat to do the transfer

        its essentially a post to prepaid transfer within telstra

        just did this with 2 of our numbers 2 days ago,

  • don't know about special sims. i just recently ported from belong to Telstra to belong using just the usual starter kits. no issues. have done a few times before as well.

  • I transferred my dads phone to Boost yesterday from Telstra postpaid.

    The blank SIM arrived in 2 days. Transfer process was seamless and pain free

  • Do note that Vodafone charges a $8 port out fee.