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Kaspersky Internet Security 3 PCs 2Yr Digital License $15.99, Office 365 Business Premium $149 Shipped +2% C/C @ SaveOnIt


Weekend Flash Sale

Suitable for new subscription or renewal. The license key does not have an expiry date and the license period begins only after activation. This is a digital license with no physical item shipped. For activation in Australia/NZ.

Kaspersky Internet Security 3 devices 2 years digital license by email - $15.99 no shipping

2% ($0.32) surcharge for Paypal or c/c transactions. No surcharge for PayID or direct deposit.

For other Kaspersky products please visit our website here

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium 1 year digital license by email - $149 no shipping

2% ($2.98) surcharge for Paypal or c/c transactions. No surcharge for PayID or direct deposit.

Please allow upto 1 working day for the digital license to be emailed (excluding weekend).

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  • (Not affiliated) Had a great experience previously purchasing from the company. Trustworthy.

    • I deal with these guys all the time Ive purchased software and laptops, monitors from them good service and Price, trusted.

  • I have another 120 days left with Kaspersky. If I buy this (2 years), will my subscription be extended or overwritten?

    • Depends if you have the same software, i.e. total security or internet security.
      If same, it will extend.
      If different, it will ask you if you want to apply it after the first one is expired or overwrite it with a different software now.



      If the software you have is the same then it will be extended. If not we would recommend activating the new license after your current has expired. Thanks.

      • I bought it yesterday neither received the key/email nor itโ€™s showing up in account. Payment was successful from PayPal ๐Ÿ™

      • I already have it on 3 devices, with expiry in 470 days.

        I logged in and added the new activation code, but all devices are still showing as 470 days.

        What have I missed?

        • Found it!

          I clicked on the "Licence" box on the bottom-right and it showed that the new code will activate when the current one expires.

          I will post this so others don't make the same mistake as me.

    • I believe KIS accepts the new key, but only activates it once the original expired.

      • You mean KIS will overwrite the new key/subscription not extending it?

        • The key will be updated - the new key activates for a new period (1, 2, 3 years depending on key purchased) from the day the existing is expired.

          Keep in mind though, that multi-PC key starts from the day it gets activated on the first device. If you install it on another PC a year later you'll have only 1 year subscription left on that PC.

      • If you register a myKaspersky account then it appends the new licence if it's the same type and device count etc

  • I've bought and then renewed my subscription for Kaspersky Internet Security from saveonit, all good, though I think I did it from their eBay site.
    It's a very simple process and they'll send you the product key within 24 hours. Kaspersky is a very good internet security suite also, I've never had any issues with Kaspersky, and it's not too heavy handed on your browsing experience. Kaspersky Internet Security is for Windows devices if you have Windows and Macs then you'll need Kaspersky Total Security.

  • I've been buying Kaspersky licences from SaveOnIT for years, now - always a great experience - recommend them.

  • 3 PCs? So we can't install this on Android tabs and phones?

  • I have also been buying Kaspersky Internet Security software from SaveOnIt for many years. Exceptional service & the best prices around. Highly recommended.

  • Same here, been buying for several years, support is good and shipping via email is pretty fast.

  • I have bought Kaspersky licenses from these guys a few times, exceptional service, and very reliable. Surely recommend them.

  • Hi OP, I'm paying for Office 365 Business Premium (aka Microsoft 365 Business Standard) directly on a Microsoft tenant subscription. This deal is about a third cheaper. Is there a downside buying from a CSP (assuming that's your distributor tier)? E.g. Do I have to go through your contact centre for first line support before MS will accept a support case?

    • +1 vote

      The license that we supply is exactly the same as renewing directly with Microsoft. The product we sell has the same support from Microsoft. Thank you.

  • Will you guys have total security on sale soon as well?

  • I bought my keys for kaspersky from saveonit twice and never had an issue. They are a good company and are firmly recommended

  • Hey if Jackie Chan endorsed KIS then I will too

    • Freaking love Jackie Chan…..Kaspersky is pretty good too though.
      Hadn't see that ad before. Thanks for filling up a portion of my brain that could have been used for first aid or a witty comeback.

  • Bah, I just bought two licenses today in the afternoon :|

    Good deal, even at it's "regular" price of $19.99

  • hey… you're the guys i've ordered a 3080 from… wink hope I get it soon wink wink


      Thanks for the order. We are getting stock weekly of all models of RTX3080. Although there is a big global shortage, backorders are being fulfilled daily. We are working hard with all vendors to secure as much allocation as possible and will ship out as soon as your position in the queue is reached. We appreciate your patience & support :)

  • hows this over norton security?

    i was using kaspersky a few years back but converted to Symantec as i found it gave me less annoying alerts, surprisingly and left me alone.

    one beef with norton it kept on wanting account sign in and wants to sync and track the devices, all i want is a very basic antivirus only and that's it.

    are we able to disable or not install all the other options in the kaspersky suite?

    • i prefer KIS over norton. The value is way better and they perform similarly in protecting you. You can disable/uninstall the addons eg kaspersky safe kids, password manager, secureconnection(vpn)

      you can configure kaspersky to not pop up on you. You can choose to ignore the login after about 3 reminders and it will never remind you again to login but it pays to login as it saves your license key in case you delete your email with the key and will auto validate your license say if you reinstall kaspersky on your pc

  • any deals on nod32


      There is no stock currently on nod32 although we have the Internet Security available now. Please check our website as items are re-stocked frequently. Thank you.

    • nice I remember nod32, are you using it now? It is bloatware free still?

      • there was never bloatware on nod32. Nod32 uses the least resource out of all anti viruses out there.

        Yes, I'm still using it now. Been using it for the last decade

        When I was young and poor i use to go on warez sites to obtain trial keys every 2 weeks to keep it updated. Now I pay for subscriptions

  • Thanks OP.
    Works well.

  • What even is the point of 3rd party antivirus software these days?
    Are there some convenient features or is everyone downloading shady stuff from Russian forums?

    • I like how it comes with a dedicated browser for transactions such as banking etc.
      Is it 100% secure? Nothing is.
      But for $16, I feel better that there are some more "added" security features normally the OS doesn't come with.
      Would I spend $100 for it? No!

    • None. A total scam. Not only does your browser protect you (Edge and Chrome), so does Windows defender. This shit just slows your PC to a crawl.

  • i have been using avira antivir for 10 years now. Is it worth go get kapersky? price is quite cheap.

  • Any specials to replace our existing Microsoft 365 Business Basic?

    And does this license replace an existing annual subscription immediately or after it ends (in my case May 21) ?

  • Any specials on KIS Total Security? 3 PCs, 2 years?

  • i feel bummed.. i just bought $19.95 version of this on Thursday.. grrrr

  • i paid yesterday, havent received anything since? how long it takes??

    • The link comes to your email immediately so I'd check other folders such as spam etc

    • I bought this a couple of months back and it arrived quickly. Maybe your order has to clear over the weekend?

    • Same problem this happened first time. Message the rep, pm the rep, emailed to them and PayPal email no reply from anyone

  • i've checked everywhere, bought few times from them before never had problem except this time, had message them

  • Hi Rep, i'm still waiting response from you? emailed you too