Circle of Life Mobile Plan; Advice for Noobie?

Circle of Life New Adventure; Any advice for Noobie?
About to jump on their $19/mo 120Gb plan…

Gonna put glasswire on to see how accurate their data recording is

Do they do porting on Sunday?

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    Do they do porting on Sunday?

    Circles does not do porting on Sundays:

    Operating hours:
    – 8AM to 8PM on Weekdays
    – 10AM to 6PM on Saturdays and Public Holidays*
    Times shown are in AEDT timezone.
    *Transfers do not happen on Sundays, New Year’s, Australia Day, Good Friday, Anzac Day or Christmas Day.

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      Do you mean "Circles.Life"…?

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        “Nants ingonyama bagithi baba!”

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          You seem not to recognize,
          that I was using English,
          a popular language in AU.

          It is courteous to reply
          in the same language
          as the other person used.

          And now I must admit, that
          I do Not recognize the one
          you have chosen to use,
          in your reply.

          (No, the above is Not poem)

          Google took me to a YT,
          w/ a repetitive song…
          on which a commenter
          wrote, that it means:

          "There comes a Lion
          Oh yes, it's a Lion"

          (I would replace "There" w/ "Here")


    Since I joined Circles.Life last year I am getting many robotexts and spam texts. There is something wrong with this company!


    You'll get a credit enquiry on Equifax report.