[PC] Free - Heroes & Generals WWII @ Epic Games

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Just spotted that as i was about to dl Rollercoaster 3, enjoy

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    It's a free-to-play game.

  • As above, it's always been free

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    Installing, thanks so much !!

  • Lol how does a free to play game get so many upvotes.

  • Game is dead in OCE region.
    Complete and utter garbage unless you're willing to spend hours upon hours grinding….or $$$$ :)

    I played this game for several years on and off. Only time I could compete and have fun was after spending something like $30. Even then, I only got to enjoy a month of it.
    almost 1k hours on a game that has next to no OCE playerbase: https://imgur.com/a/ZVdJKkT

  • This is amazing, been looking forward to this game being discounted, now that its free awesome!

    • Its literally been free for years?????????

  • ww2 where the list of nations is US, germany and soviet.
    we keep forgetting we have some much to thank the states for.

  • The game features Jesper Kyd music 😊👍🏾