What to Do with Unused Apple iTunes Credit?

Hi, as of yesterday I sold my last Apple device, however I still have $60 of iTunes credit remaining. It has been redeemed so it's in my account. I've been told I can't transfer it to another account.

A while ago there was a (possibly) shady app for Google play where they would transfer a percentage of the in-app purchase price to an Australian bank account. Is there anything like this on the Apple app store?

I know it's not a huge amount, but it bothers me to let it expire.

Update: Apple Chat has agreed to cash out, but only if I call Apple. Their argument was that their chat was too insecure to provide account numbers as it would email chat transcript in plain text

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  • No chance to get cash.

    Buy in-app purchases from apps that are cross platform.
    Buy Google movies/TV.

  • Donate to charity

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    You can gift purchases

  • Burn it

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    Pay off any ATO debts

    • I hear ATo not accepting Apple credit anymore, they now demand Amazon gift card.

  • I gave mine to Microsoft along with an extra $2500 for fixing my computer. I didn't even know there were any problems. They called me out of the blue and fixed it all for only iTunes credit voucher cards. I feel so relieved. Now I'm safe from hackers and scammers until they detect anymore on my system.

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      Why did microsoft accept apple currency?

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      lucky you I was on the call with them for 2 hours and they asked me to look for the windows key
      I asked if it was next to the Apple key and then hung up and gave up on me

      I've been waiting 2 years for them to call me back :(

      callllllll meeeeeeeee

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    What to Do with Unused Apple iTunes Credit?

    Sorry. I only know what to do with the used ones.

  • Buy a subscription to something that lets you still pay with itunes credit. Amazon Prime would be perfect except of course that's not a choice. You could buy Infuse if you have all Apple gear anyway and want to stream your ripped movie collection around the home. You could get Disney Plus for 7 months with $60 credit. Watch the Mandelorian, binge on The Simpsons, have movie nights with the kids.

  • If you listen to music, then you can use it buy songs.

    There is a Windows app also available for iTunes.

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      Yeah, I have Youtube Music, so I guess just cash refund

      • Hey mate..
        Did you successfully cashed out the amount?
        After reading your update on OP, I called up Apple and they said there's no such policy/process :(

  • When is it suppose to expire?

    I've had $18 in my account for years now