[PC] COD4 Promod in 2020

Hi all,
Interested to know if anyone is still playing cod4 promod now adays in au / nz region? Or if anyone happens to know of any active gaming communities in the region doing so (competitive promod servers aren't publicly listed most times, so you have to be part of the respective community to know their details)



  • No idea what promod is but i'm surprised theres mods still going for cod4, imho it's aged like sour milk.

    • Promod's more of a competitive gameplay mod with lot of adjustments to weapon sway / max fps / no kill streaks, and gameplay tweaks. Back in the day it (or pam4 mod) was used in almost all the cod4 competitions. Yeah I get it, it's over a decade old and thought of finding out if it's still being played competitively.

      Thanks :)

  • I fired up the old 360 recently and logged onto a few old games I thought would be dead and there were still enough people around to get a few games with different people still…
    Made me realise how shit the MW maps are at the moment :(

  • There are still active Aus servers. Most of them are Promod. Not difficult to find a game with players actually.

    Punkbuster dropped support a few years ago, so if you're going to play then you'll need CoD4X.