BigW Delivery and Refund

I tried searching the below questions but couldn't find any information.

BigW currently have a promotion where if you purchase clothing worth $45+ you get free delivery but also states that you can't have excluded items in your order. I have added an excluded item (PS5 Pre-Order) along with clothing and it still works. Anybody had any issues with them in the past?

If you were to use a WISH gift card to purchase items online from BigW and ended up returning them would you only get stored credit?

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  • I’d call them and ask them to refund so you can buy the ps5 separately.

    I contacted them to check if I secured a preorder and they made a whole issue about ordering a ps5 game with the ps5 preorder payment, which in the end was fine.

  • Whenever i have paid in big w via wish gc and refunded they have given me the credit in a giftcard that works in big w as well as woolworths both. But have only purchased and used this giftcard in store.

    • I've made online orders with Woolworths with Wish GC that was refunded to a Woolworths online voucher. Both times I requested a Wish GC instead and it was granted.

  • Is that PS5 Pre-Order for those that have already secured a reservation with a deposit?