Help Me to Find Best Projector? Fengmi Xiaomi??

Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy projector….similar like fengmi Xiaomi …any decent deals around…also want to buy it if possible with afterpay or zippay type payment..



  • i looked into those cheapish projectors, and found that a lot of the reviews were BS (hence the 5* reviews). There's been a few threads on here recommending a 2nd hand Epson projector.. you can look it it up

  • Not sure about BS, but looks like Xiaomi has come a long way and they have quite a bit of innovative products now at affordable prices. I personally use Mi9 SE phone and Xiaomi Xiaofang indoor camera, xiaomi sonic toothbrush etc. Was looking at the .Xiaomi Mijia projector reviews. Looks believable, surely the smart projector technology has improved today.

  • Hanging out for the international Google TV version of the latest Xiaomi one myself