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Looks like Amazon is following up after JB with the Buy One Get One movies/TV shows deal. 4Ks have some better pricing compared to JB's 4K prices!

Deal's back after Prime day with updated Expiry date

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  • there's barely 2 pages?

    • There's around 15 pages in total
      Though, 4Ks are limited, suspiciously high Disney 4k titles, same as JB

  • I get 15+ pages … 861 qualifying items … maybe have to be a Prime member to see the greater number???

  • Tempting now I've actually got a 4k player

    But also all the movies I've picked are on streaming services I've access to. Ok I hear 4k Bluray is much better than streamed 4k, but is it worth the money…dunno!

    • Yes. Definitely looks and sounds better.

      And some streaming services delete titles. Cannot happen with discs.

      • Uncompressed is sooooo much better.

        • You are absolutely right, but with some caveats.

          It's worth noting that the vast majority of 4K UHD discs use compression… Just a LOT less of it than Netflix. Netflix compresses 4K down to ~5GB per hour, whereas most 4K UHD discs would compress to around 25GB per hour. This definitely gives a noticeable difference if you put them side-by-side. (An hour of uncompressed 4K video would take up around 200GB, not including soundtrack or HDR data).

          Soundtracks on the other hand are almost always recorded as uncompressed on a 4K UHD disc (eg. TruHD or Atmos) whereas even streaming Atmos via Netflix uses compression. (Although it's arguably excellent quality compression and not noticeable).

          I'll always buy a 4K UHD disc if something's a keeper, but if it's a once-or-twice watch then streaming suffices.

          • @mingofmongo: Just correcting a technical error in the above, meant to say soundtracks are usually 'lossless compression', not 'uncompressed'. (Although a small number of discs do just store an uncompressed stereo PCM uncompressed soundtrack, this is much less common than an Atmos soundtrack encoded using TrueHD, or just a TrueHD pre-mix)

          • @mingofmongo: Don't forget Netflix and other streaming services don't do Atmos, DTS:X or even 7.1 surround, maybe 5.1 surround at the most(As far as I'm aware of). And I don't think browsers can playback more than a stereo channel setup, assuming you got the download speed to be able to stream 2160p videos consistently without buffering every 5 seconds or it downgrading to a lower quality just to give you a smoother playback experience at the expense of inconsistent quality playback……which means….

            Of course that also assume you have a bluray drive, box and monitor that can play 2160p24(23 or 30) movies…and 2160p60 movies too…

    • Personally I agree with everything mingofomongo writes. Maybe buy one (or 2 movies as they are 2 for 1) that you can stream for free and compare the quality. You will probably notice the difference if you watch the 4k disc 1st, then the streamed version. Just make sure that it will be a movie that you won't mind watching a few times.

      One of my favourite movies in 4k is The Reverent. Amazing sound and the picture on an OLED just blew me away.

      There's a Youtube guy that does a lot of reviews on 4k movies, Films at home. He's really down to earth and often compares the 4k to normal Blu-ray or even dvd.

    • Huge difference. Full 4k movies can be up to 100GB….no way in hell are you going to get that full experience live from a streaming service, just not possible.

      Streaming is fine for seasons and such, but for properly good movies blu ray is the way to go. At 4k at least.

  • 1917 is included in the list, absolute bargain for ~$12

  • Be careful when you choose your movies on Amazon - they're not always the same, e.g.

    The Greatest Showman at JB is the 4K + Bluray + Digital (with special features):

    On Amazon, same price but it's the 1-disc version (no special features):

    I noticed a few like this.

  • Kind of topical with all the talk on streaming vs disks