[TAS] NZ PURE Lager Bottles: 12×330ml $19.99, 24×330ml $38 (In-Store Only) @ 9/11 Bottleshop


At this price you won't be buying it for the flavour, which is good because there isn't a lot. However, what you do get is an otherwise crisp and refreshing lager that doesn't leave a foul aftertaste.

This is an Asahi brand that's apparently exclusive to 9/11 in the 12-pack.

Grab a box when you've been invited over to a mate's and look like a hero when you arrive with more than just a 6-pack!

Only available in Tasmania, and they don't have a delivery service. Plenty of stock in the Frederick Street and Racecourse Crescent (Kmart Plaza) stores in Launceston.

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