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Hello there. I have the Gears 5 limited edition console without the Gears 5 controller included and was wondering if I should trade this in for the Xbox series X or buy a used one online and trade that in? Would the Gears 5 console sell more than the trade in value from Eb games?, I will be adding a normal controller with it, comes with its original packaging ,Power cable HDMI cable and stand. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Trade in Gears 5 console
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    Buy a used one and trade that in

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  • Have you looked at selling the gears console? May get more money then the trade in value being a special edition and consoles are quite pricey at the moment (or at least was).

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    Just my two cents;

    Step 1: Research market value through marketplace, gumtree or ebay.

    Step 2: Compare market value to trade in value through EB Games.

    Step 3: Decide if the additional value is worth the hassle of attempting to sell your console via these means.

    Step 4: Move on.

  • The Gears console will sell better considering it has the original packaging. Xbox One X console prices may drop across the board as interest wanes with the Series X arrival and EB suddenly flooded with traded One Xs, however it may pick up again in future once it becomes a retro item.

  • I had the same special edition console and I sold through eBay for $550, but it was in perfect condition with box, manuals and etc…

  • You really need to do some research to find out the answer. Check ebay/gumtree for how much your limited edition and even the normal versions have been selling for to get a good idea. Then you need to add the other things you will need to deal with:
    * Dealing with a potentially bad buyer (not saying this will happen, but possibility is there)
    * Dealing with postage/packing, going to the post office to send etc
    * Not having a console (don't know if you have more than one) until the new one comes in - depending on which delivery batch you got pre-order for

    How does all that look compared to $350 credit?

  • I have a limited edition Halo xbox360, when the xbox one came out I asked around if it was worth anything special as a trade in. I was told from many sources that businesses will very rarely offer anything for 'special editions' and the only way to get bonus value was to sell it privately.

  • I asked about the cyberpunk limited edition and they said the value is uniform across the board for xbox one consoles. so you not getting anything extra for it by trading in.

    • Which is a bit of a rip because they sell those special consoles for higher than the standard ones.

      • Not really, the Cyberpunk XB1X was only $429.00 brand new. Even standard editions were priced higher than that.

        Also, they don't price them higher for higher resale, they price them as something a little more unique that a buyer might like to own. The Cyberpunk edition was an exception to the rule, I think COVID messed up the release date. It should have come out a lot earlier than it did. Then they were forced to sell it at a reduced price because all Series S/X's were about to hit and then no-one would want to buy them anymore. The flip side was everyone was trapped at home and were desperate to buy a console to stay entertained during lockdowns. Overall, yeah. It really messed with their plans in ways no one could predict.

  • If you have the matching gears controller, maybe someone on Facebook would buy them both as a set. I can't tell if prices online for preowned xbox one x is just wishful thinking and they are counting on people haggling them down, or if they really sell for that much. Why would anyone want a one x at that price with the series s though? Microsoft is going to fairly aggressively push the S as a budget option.

  • I am a LEVEL 4 EB games member and the staff at my EB said my xbox one x would be worth $420 to trade , level 1 is $350…
    Do you happen to know what level you are?

  • The last 2 sold on Ebay for ~$450 shipped with matching controller.

    Trade it in.

    • Yeah and that's something to think about. Taking into account the ebay and paypal fees and then you have to cross your fingers you have a legit buyer on the other end and no drama.