Best Value 1080p Monitors to Accomodate a 34" Ultrawide?

Hi, I currently have a 3440x1440 34" kogan ultrawide and am looking to get 2x 1080p monitors to accompany this. I am considering getting a dual vesa mount for the monitors but I do not know if my desk would allow it as it has curved edges (ikea lisabo). I believe the best solution would be to have one of the monitor's either side of the main one. Right now I have my eyes on the AOC 24V2Q or the AOC 24B2XH depending on whether or not I decide to get a monitor mount. I am open to suggestions of monitors and would ideally want to spend <$200 per monitor ($400 in total). Any help is appreciated, thanks!


  • Don't do this if you enjoy having a working neck. The left-to-right angle will be close to around 140 degrees, which will require significant movement of the neck. If you believe you really do need extra monitors, I would recommend mounting them above. Even one above is likely to be enough, 2 may be overkill.

    Would also recommend grabbing PowerToys if you use Windows 10 as they have a tool in it called FancyZones which will allow for much easier window management on your main monitor.

  • I have a 34 inch Acer Predator as my primary monitor, positioned centrally, and a 27 inch AOC AG271GQ monitor as my secondary, positioned to the left. The monitors line up perfectly in terms of height and vertical dimensions. The second monitor is 1440p so there's no difference in pixel density or scaling to contend with. This is excellent for work (main docs on 34 and reference material on 27) - for gaming I usually use the 34 and dim the 27. Not sure what you're planning on doing with yours but I'd be questioning if having a third monitor would add any utility beyond the 2nd.

  • incase u want to do it with nvidia surround, it doesnt work just so you know. i tried with 1 3440x1440 ultrawide + 2 27 inch 1440p. It doesnt link due to some resolution problem. Otherwise, 1080p monitor is actually shorter than 1440p resolution wise.