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20% off all Jewellery at Thesem.

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  • The same gold leaf earrings listed on the website for $39 are $14 on Wish.

    • I understand your concern.

      To bring you the best products we do have to include in our price the time spent in finding and selecting the best products so we can bring customers a good curated selection saving them time from searching it themselves, as well as effort and cost in brand building as a retailer, maintaining the website, customer service.

      Although our prices are higher, we aim to create peace of mind for our customers buying from our brand and a good experience dealing with our tailored customer service.

      Retailers do often vary in prices so it would be up to the customer where they would like to purchase from. It is our hope to appeal to customers who like a minimalist style and identify with the Thesem brand, thereby allowing this product style to reach them if they wouldn’t shop on Wish. We also cannot guarantee the quality or returns process of the Wish product. At Thesem we offer easy returns and reliable customer service.

      Can I kindly ask you to remove the negative vote on this post?

      I would be more than happy to further assist with your future concerns.

      • You can ask, but this is the second time you've posted about 'deals' on items that can easily be sourced from AliExpress or Wish for far cheaper. I believe that my comment and vote are valid. If you would like to report my vote and comment then please do so and we'll let mods decide whether they should stand.