[NSW] $10 Ramen - 1st Day of Every Month @ IPPUDO (Sydney Stores Only)


From Ippudo's Facebook page

It's been a tough year for everyone but through all this, we want to continue to show our appreciation to our customers.

From October, we will celebrate IPPUDO Day at all of our Sydney stores. On the 1st day of every month, all of our standard ramen will be $10 for dine in and takeaway.

We hope to continue to create more Smile and Arigatou through our ramen. See you at our Sydney stores this Thursday Oct 1st for the first IPPUDO Day!

Store Location:
- Westfield CBD
- Chatswood (The District Food Court)
- Central Park
- Macquarie Centre

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  • Will the deal be also available via deliveroo or ubereats?

  • What's the usual price?

  • Of course this would start when I go back to WFH full-time again … But luckily I'll be able to visit for dinner on Thursday!

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    They do a few different discounted ramen. The birthday or anniversary one they had previously was like a lite-version of their ramen with 1 slice of meat. This one seems to be their 'standard' one.

  • So on thursday we potentially would see lots of people there…..

  • They used to do this $10 ramen at their anniversary promo, it is NOT the same size and portion as the normal one, it's quite underwhelming.

    • Exactly. It's for $10 worth of portion. Not a bargain at all.

      • depends what you think is $10 worth -

        I've tried Ippudo in Japan - and got dye a ria !

        another Tokyo branch - maybe Roppongi - meh - OK - not something I'd come back to again

        in Oz-tray-Leah - don't like it - like cheap version of no-taste cut-price maybe hakata thin noodles which I hate - so yeah nah for me

        so yeah ippudo in oz reminds me of those fancy fusion asian-western restaurants which charge overpriced for something less tasty than the real thing from a real Asian restaurant

        enjoy - urp !

        • I also had some ramen when i was visiting Japan. For 800 yen (around $10~) per bowel of tasty Ramen, you can find it everywhere and some are even cheaper. I understand why they charge a premium her in Australia partly because you can only find them (the franchise ones) mostly in the CBD area where rents are expensive, My favourite Ramen in Australia is the Hakata Gensuke Chicken Ramen at QV.

    • yeah I will just wait til 1st October and see what people says. If they skim on ingredients, might as well not bothered with it

  • It would be good to add this to the wiki with cheap deals.

  • Can you still do the extra $1 to add noodles with this promotion?

  • It's $10 for all standard sized ramen. There's currently a line of about 20 people at Macquarie Centre, the line is moving slowly though due to limited seating.

  • Doing pretty good at Central Park Sydney. Very small line

    All 10 bucks accept the bonito special !

  • Queue wraps around Westfield

  • $10 for the normal sized ramen, including bonito special, yes you can get the $1 kaedama, great deal, just had it in Westfield Sydney

  • So how was the portion? One piece of meat with water down noodles or usual size!?

  • I went for their birthday or anniversary special and it was one piece of meat and a small portion, wasnt worth the wait. Shame as the flavour seemed decent and i keep hearing a lot of nice things about ramen but i havent had the luxury of having it that often. Only a couple of places i have found that serve ramen in the areas i generally am near for food.

    • Most decent ramen places are in the city. Going by a quick stalk of your posts, I'm going to assume you're around the Northern suburbs; you can also find a few ramen places in Chatswood, and there's also Ryo's Noodles in Crows Nest and Sekka in St Leonards

      • Yeah I work in the ryde area and live in the inner west (depending on whats the inner west these days). I used to go to eastwood for zenya but they shut down. My bro once took me to a decent place in west ryde i believe for japanese food. But besides that all the other "japanese" restaurants i have been to havent been very authentic or so i have been told by people who have been to japan and its because a lot of them are not actually run by japanese ( Campsie , strathfield area).

        • Yeah, go east and head into the city for your ramen fix. Start off with any of the following: Yasaka, Gumshara, Ramen Zundo, Chaco Ramen (in Darlinghurst so a bit more east)

          • @kerfuffle: Sadly i hardly ever go into the city (as i never worked there before) and now with this covid stuff even less chance i guess. But I have been told for japanese food the city is the best area, I will probably have to bite the bullet, My bro goes to japan quite often and really raves about ramen. I once had some decent ramen in melbourne but i cant remember what the restaurant was called, it was quite pricey.

            • @lonewolf: Ooh I forgot Rara in Redfern, but that's not city ahaha. There's also Gogyo in Surry Hills which is like a classier and fancier version of Ippudo.

              As for Melbourne, haven't come across any expensive ones (prices are on par with here), but some of the decent ones are Hakata Gensuke, Mr Ramen San, Little Ramen Bar, Ikkoryu and my favourite 'cause 24/7 ramen, Shujinko

              If you want to try more ramen, definitely worth coming into the city! We're doing OK with COVID-19, so if you're still concerned, maybe wait until we have more days of zero community transmission

          • @kerfuffle: Please suggest non city Ramen shops. Don't live close to there and prefer inner west or up north

            • @neonlight: Read the comments. I already mentioned some north of the bridge. Furthermore, majority of the best ones are in the city, and I rarely eat in the inner west.

              • @kerfuffle: I think Kosuke ramen at newington, Hakatamon and Manpuku chatswood would be the best ones outside CBD and the like

                Not impressed with Ryo noodles