Experience with Cellphone Signal Boosters

Has anyone had any experience with using Cellphone Signal Boosters? I'm currently with Vodafone as it was the cheapest deal at the time but I am struggling to get a decent signal (1-3 bars on average)in my area and it's even worse inside my house. My main issue is with making phone calls as people always complain that they can't hear me and I am cutting out. I was thinking of switching providers eg. Telstra as I know they have the best coverage in Australia, or should I get a signal booster instead?

Would switching carriers even help in my situation? Or should I look into cellphone boosters? I have no idea how effective they are so let me know your thoughts and experiences with signal boosters if you've had any.

Also for people who've switched to other mobile phone providers, have you noticed a better signal when you switched?

inb4 CeLlpHoNe BoOstErs aRe ilLeGaL. Most of them are, but some of them aren't.



  • Would switching carriers even help in my situation?
    Also for people who've switched to other mobile phone providers, have you noticed a better signal when you switched?

    Both of these will depend on several things such as your phone, where you live and if there are any obstacles such as mountains around your house.
    If your phone supports it, use VoWiFi (i.e Wifi Calling) so you can make phone calls through your fixed internet connection as a temporary (or permanent) solution for calling.

    I suggest you try out Optus or Telstra to see what their coverage is like - just don't port your number, get a new one to try it out!

    • Optus
    • Telstra
      Could also try prepaid sims from eBay - might be slightly cheaper

    I personally don't see legal boosters as a worthy investment unless coverage was unusable and I had no other solution.

    • VoWiFi (i.e Wifi Calling)

      This was my solution at my old house. Worked perfectly.

      You can use Boost as a cheaper option. You must use a supported phone. A lot of reports that new Boost activated accounts don't have this enabled so you may need to call/email them to enable.

      • Yep this is my current solution, I make calls for work and working from home means having to use my mobile (no landline). My office is completely zero signal, so wifi calling has been the only way.

  • It would be cheaper to switch to a different Telco than it would be to purchase a Vodafone compatible signal booster

  • Just get an Aldi Sim and try it with a new number to see what your coverage is like with Telstra.

  • I'm located in an area where signal strength is minimal on a good day and non existent on a bad one.

    No Vodafone reception, Optus almost unusable and Telstra was meh, so I purchased a Telstra Cel Fi booster a few years ago.

    Took a while to set it up but now I have a reasonable signal when in the house and most outside areas.

    The Cel Fi booster isn't cheap but it does work.

  • was with vodafone previous then switched to telstra
    vodafone great in the CBD, best DL speed with 4g however once i got out to the suburbs frequent call drops
    switch to telstra, paid alittle more but never looked back
    i do use a cell phone booster in the 4wd (purchased from telstra) but it only boost certain frequencies.

  • Personal experience was with Optus and it was very poor reception in my apartment. Kogan who use Vodafone was ok but Optus Calls would cut out n drop and the 4G was pathetic. Do as one of the other Ozbargainers have said n get and try out a SIM from Telstra or Optus or other providers first before committing through with porting in your number etc.

    Then make a decision on whether it works for U.

    I made the switch to Boost who use Telstra and it was 100 times better than using Vodafone and Optus. Itll be different for you but Telstra works extremely well in my area.