Replacing or Extending Corsair PSU Modular Cables - What to Choose, and What Can Go Wrong?

Asking for some advice please on PSU cables. I've searched many sites but can't find a clear answer so hoping for wisdom from the community.

I'm tinkering with an ITX build with a Corsair SF750 PSU and Cooler Master NR200P case. Tidy cable management routing would mean I need another 30cm on motherboard connections. I'm tempted to colour match and comb the cables as I've seen it look great in other inspiring builds. That said, I need to maintain my OzB membership so can't justify $150+ for Corsair genuine cable kits.

The Corsair PSU included modular 30cm 24-pin and 40cm 8-pin black individually braided cables. Corsair list this as a "Type 4 Gen 4" cable kit and I noticed there are a few extra small cables across a few pins plus some crossing-over of cables in the length. The 24-pin is also split into 14+10 pins at the PSU end. I'm guessing PCIe is simpler/straight but not using them yet (APU only until RTX 30x0's can be purchased)

I know I can buy cheap ~$30 eBay 30cm straight-through extension kits to use with the original Corsair cables so any 'special' wiring would still be in place. However that means sticking with black, or mismatching colours.

If I purchased any other brand or unbranded cables, what do I need to check to ensure it's compatible with the original wiring? Specifically 24-pin(14+10) split, smaller 'extra' cables on some pins, and pin crossovers.

Advice on terminology to search for, or warnings on what goes wrong would be great please. Any recommendations or links for cheap decent cables would be brilliant!



  • Hey, I bought those same $30 kits on eBay for my last build. As far as I can tell there was no issue and they worked perfectly with my Corsair 550w PSU. Just remember every PSU is built to a standard so there are no special cables per brand!

    • Thanks. Was that the extension set (M-F), or a complete set (M-M)?

      Standards is probably the word I'm looking for. I understand the component end has to follow a standards, but I'm not sure if the modular PSU end is something more bespoke to each manufacturer. I didn't expect these 'extra' cables and wiring crossovers.

      If there are multiple standards (hence Corsair Type 4 Gen 4) does that mean I need to look for a certain modular type, or is any 24-pin modular cable going to replace the Corsair just fine?

      Not sure if it matters, but motherboard is a Gigabyte Aorus B550i Pro AX. Guessing there is nothing special about those connections though (unlike the new RTX 30-series 12-pin connector from Corsair)

  • I have the Corsair SF600 and ended up getting this PSU Extension Cable from Scorptec for $29 as the included cable is too short for my case.

    • Thanks. That would do well as an extension, but means staying with black both ends. A kit like this would give me white one end, but won't colour match it entirely.

      If no cheap replacement option, I'll just extend in black and give up on the vanity cosmetics.

      Edit: Found a compatibility list at CableMod which indicates they do have variations between brands. This is the genuine Corsair kit I'd need but it's $89+del. Puzzling

  • It depends why you need to extend the cable. If you get the f-m cable extenstion you can just hide the black half at the back or in routing channel where you can't see it.

    • That may be what I have to do to keep on budget.

      The SF750 comes with 30-40cm cables, vs 60-70cm in standard RM or AX PSU kit. This means they have to run directly and diagonally across the case to the front mounted PSU. I'm just trying to tidy it while making it look better. It's a white case so white cables would look better, which to be fair isn't that important.

      Even more digging and it seems I can't get anything but genuine or custom cables built for the corsair spec. Cheap extension looks like the plan

  • For reference if anyone reading this thread, extensions with original psu cables will work fine. Replacing cables entirely needs to be matched to the specific pinout for the make and model/series of PSU.

    Example pinout for Corsair Type 3 and Type 4 differences show they've moved pins at the PSU end for 24-pin cable. That link also has pinout maps for other brands like Seasonic, EVGA, etc so in theory you could modify your own