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20% off Royal Canin Dog Food @ Petpost


Just got an email from these guys on this, and thought I would share.

Found this place during covid, delivery is fast and prices are comparable to Petcircle - with the 20% off makes it way lower it would seem.

Apparently - Best friends are doing 30% off but still not as cheap https://www.bestfriendspets.com.au/

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  • Member since 10 minutes ago. Not suspicious at all.

    • But it is a great price, and free shipping (at least to WA).
      so what is the suspicion?

    • Could be marketing.. But i also found them recently. Ordered 2 packs and one was damaged. Was promptly replaced. So would highly recommend them for price and service.

    • I've used Ozbargin for a while, just never created an account. Nope, not connected to them, found them on Facebook gave them a shot, they've been pretty good but this deal was worth posting.

  • This brand or Blackhawk, which brand is better ? Thanks

  • This brand or Blackhawk, which brand is better

    I usually read the ingredients and decide

    eg Royal canin maxi adult
    dehydrated poultry protein, corn, corn flour, animal fats, wheat, rice, corn gluten
    so $5.4 a kilo (on special) for a mixture of poultry, corn, corn, wheat, rice and corn
    (here they have split corn into corn, corn flour and corn gluten, so in reality it contains more corn than chicken)

    or Black hawk chicken and rice
    Chicken Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Ground Oats, Chicken Fat
    or $4.97 (not on special) for chicken, rice, oats
    here chicken is the top ingredient, has no corn

    hope this helps

  • Thank you OP. Got a couple bags for my chihuahua.

    • Got a couple bags for my chihuahua.

      @only 12.46 a kilo (for a mixture of rice, corn and dehydrated poultry)
      absolute bargain

  • Stacks with 15% off referee. Not bad.

    • Doesn't stack for me. I get "A discount has been applied to this order. You can’t add another discount."

      What did you do to get it to stack? Do you need to register first?

      • Oh wait… it doesn't stack after all.

        The product I was interested in isn't part of the 20% off promo.

  • Good price. I've found buying Royal Canin in bulk (8kg bags) works out pretty good value. I buy from Petcircle and cost me $60 (after $10 new customer coupon was used) thats without being on sale.

    Received next day delivery too..