Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Series 1-4 Restock 20 November

This November, #AnimalCrossing #amiibo Cards Series 1-4 make their return to select retailers. Use the amiibo cards to invite characters to live on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as well as other features!

EB Games have them up for preorder with a limit of 5 packs per series.

The Gamesmen have the 42 pack boxes for preorder.

Sadly the home data from HHD or the level data from AF doesn't do anything in NH so the only thing to use the amiibo for in NH is inviting villagers to the campsite of Harvey's island.

No news on a Sanrio or Welcome amiibo series restock.

If you just want the cards for inviting animals and have an Android phone with NFC you could lookup ways to just use your phone I think.

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  • Nintendo + Animal Crossing + in stock notification… Quick, post it as a deal…

  • just buy the nfc chips and make them yourself. costs about 50c a piece

    • Some people want the real cards.

    • Free if you have a Samsung phone.

      • Does the phone require rooting or anything? The only guide I could find required buying blank nfc chips which sounded too annoying. So I gave up on the idea.

        • Haven't tried it but think it just requires an app from the playstore

        • Doesn't require rooting, the app is called Joy-Con Droid - makes your switch think your phone is a pro controller and you just load up an amiibo in the app, go to the amiibo scanner in-game, and then it automatically scans it in for you.

  • From iOS 14 supports NFC card writing as well. Does anyone need the app and bin files let me know.

  • I sold my cards for thousands. Was nice to to get a switch for free.
    Nintendo are far too slow, the Chinese bootlegs which are pretty decent quality were on ebay within weeks and are still being sold with impunity.

    • Have the official amiibo card prices gone down as a result of the bootlegs going on the market?

      • Yeah, the fakes tanked the price of the real ones unfortunately.
        Some people will still pay more for the real cards but now you can get any fake card for a few dollars.