Club Jetstar Extended 3 Months - Shouldn't It Be At Least 6 (or more?)

Hey y'all!

I got an email from Jetstar yesterday about them extending my Club Jetstar Membership for 3 months:

*To show our appreciation, we are extending your Club Jetstar membership by an additional 3 months, so you have more time to enjoy your member benefits as travel restrictions gradually ease. *

Anyone else get this email?

Don't you think they should extend it for at least 6 months (from basically March I reckon)?
Considering we haven't really been able to make use of our memberships for quite some time.

If there are lots of us, maybe we should present our grievance to them in some kind of collected form, I dunno - like a petition or something?

Let me know your thoughts or if you think it's more trouble then it's worth.


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  • Yes. They should have extended it at least six months. Poor form on their part.

    • Also poll:

      "Yes it should've been extended at least six months"
      "No three months is fine"
      "No <insert 'act of goodwill' speech here>"

  • Mine was extended for 6 months in March, and now an additional 3 months. So I (and I assume everyone else) has had a 9 month extension.

  • You do realise this whole drama is not caused by Jetstar. I understand your money isn't charity but 3 months as a gesture of goodwill seems that they care.

    Asking for more appears to be entitlement which honestly don't think it's their problem

    Be happy with what you've got right now…

  • Don't you think they should extend it for at least 6 months (from basically March I reckon)?

    Maybe they should, but they don't have to. I don't think they even have to extend it for three months. They're meeting you half way already, so why not just be happy with it and quit whinging. It's not just yourself - it's been a sht time for everyone.

  • omgosh, is this ozbargain or is it shushbargain?
    Don't all of us on this site want more? More bargains, bigger deals, bigger discounts?

    If you never ask for anything, you never get anything - the nay say brigade is strong on this thread.

    • You should ask for a 2 year free extension, and negotiate down to 1 year or 6 months with free upgrades and peanuts.