Any experience regarding to cancellations from Airbnb?

So I’ve booked a place for my wife and I for our 3 year anniversary and I’m having a few problems dealing with Airbnb.

So I was on Facebook and there was an article for this place that you could stay at so I made a booking for 1 night. So I put in my dates and card details in and submitted it. An error popped up and took me back to the main page.

I checked my bank transactions to see if money was taken out and there wasn’t and also checked my email to see if there was any booking confirmation and there wasn’t either.

So I tried booking again and this time it went through without any errors. This is when I realised my account had both reservations confirmed by the host.

I contacted the host, who was very nice and understanding by the way, about my situation and she agreed to fully refund me. She said to reply to the cancellation email and I said I didn’t get one and she said she’s done all she can and maybe talk to Airbnb instead, to which I did.

Airbnb customer service is soooooooooooooo slow with their response and I was hoping they would have a direct phone line but I cannot find it anywhere.

Their refund policy also sucks and says I only get 50% back according to the hosts cancellation policy but the host said she’s happy to fully refund me.

Has anybody have any experience dealing with Airbnb in regards to cancellations?

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  • This sounds like a pretty simple matter to resolve between yourself, the host and AirBnB. Just get an email from the host stating they will refund the ammount in full, and provide to AirBnB.

    Why create a thread about it?

  • How could you have made 2 bookings for the same place on the same dates?

  • I found Airbnb very easy to deal with when cancelling accommodation due to Covid, but I guess that was exceptional circumstances. I just had to prove that I couldn't travel (sent them a link to the Smart Traveller website which advised the travel ban) and I had my money back within a couple of days. I used the online chat and there were no delays at all. on the other hand…. here we are at the end of Sept and I'm still chasing refunds for bookings made for June.

    Anyway, good luck with it.

  • Had to resort to Facebook to get Airbnb to give us a full refund.

    Booked interstate from Melbourne and literally 2 days before the trip lockdown happened.

    Took ages to get a full refund (also had some withheld) but eventually got it all.

  • In the same boat! AirBnB are not being very cooperative or flexible even if the host is in agreement. I am yet to escalate my matter.