Anybody Here Who Got a POCO X3?

There was a deal on the POCO x3 on here a few months ago. I was gonna get it but I thought I would wait to see if it was legit or not. Is there anybody here who got it and can just give a small review? Thanks


  • there were many deals, i think? aliexpress, banggood, etc etc
    the one with NFC, right?
    i didn't buy but many did

  • Yes!!! just arrived 30min ago!!!

    • Hope you don't mind but how's the phone going? Like in general with the performance, etc. Also is there any ads?


      • I think the Poco is great but it s an upgrade from my current phone

        the 120hz screen is buttery smooth

        I havent seen the Ads but will put on Ad blocker

  • Plenty of reviews on youtube: BEST MIDRANGE MOBILE EVA

    At $USD 199, ended up at 297 with GST, would have saved yourself $AUD 50 now…..

    Hope they do a flash sale on the Mi 10T