Looking for Recommendations: Car Tyres 205 60 R16 Choices - Mileage, Comfort, Grip

Hello all, just asking for a friend whose Kia Seltos 2020 requiring new tyres after 18,000kms on rural roads. The current set of tyres: Kumho Ecsta HS51

Looking for Recommendations: 205 60 R16

- grip
- comfort
- longevity
- mileage

Has anyone had any experiences with these tyres?
- Bridgestone Turanza T005
- Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance
- Michelin Primacy 4 / Pilot Sports


  • My sister had some primacy 4's. Grip and noise was good but after 4.5 years her mechanic told her to change them as they had some small cracks. Although I think that was being overcautious. She kept driving for another half a year without any problems and swaped them for some turanza's which had similar grip, the noise was slightly higher. A thing she noticed about the turanzas were that they had 1mm less tread when new.

  • Go for Michelin if you do a lot of miles every year.
    As always, never use them past 3 years whether you drive 2 km or 2000 km.
    Try not to buy tires older than 1 year from date of manufacture. It matters little when compared to brand, styling, rolling resistance etc, but once you've finished your research on the aforementioned, check the manufacture date.

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    Another vote for Michelin, especially the Primacy 4. They are pretty quiet, have good dry/wet performance and long wearing.

  • Michelin Pilot Sports, bought recently after long deliberations and tons of reviews, same requirements as yours, perfectly happy with it, better than Goodyear Eagle F1 I had before

    • Just one hell of a tyre,one of the best.Had a set of Continental sport contact 5s,on the wife’s car,replaced with a set of Pilot sport 4.The Contis were very,very good,but the PS4 I think has the edge.Will get a set of Pilot PS4 “s” for my vehicle.(it has Pirelli zero) not a great tyre @ all.

  • The Michelin Pilot Sports are brilliant tyres. I've run three sets of the Pilot Sport 3s on previous cars, and I've got a set of the Pilot Sport 4 (non-S) on my V8 Commodore. They are a more performance orientated tyre though so they're arguably overkill for the average daily driver.

    I put some Falken ZE914s on my girlfriend's last car. They seemed to get pretty good reviews all around. Picked them up as part of a 4-for-3 sale too which made them excellent value.

    • I had Falken ZE914 ecos on my Jazz. Good thread wear, 62k kms after 3.5 years, but the noise on rural roads is unbearable. I usually use the radio to drown the tyre noise.

      i just bought a set of Bridgestone Turanza Serenity EL64s (4-for-3 sale) last week. First impression looks good, just that Bridgestone inflate the tyres to 39 psi? My car only require 32/30 psi (front/rear).

      • Coincidentally my girlfriend's car had a set of Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Pluses on it just prior to the Falkens - not sure if it was the exact model as yours though, they were manufactured in 2014 - and I found them to be about the same volume on coarse bitumen. They were a pretty good tyre all round though, I would have bought them again.

  • I've replacing on Bridgestone tyres for the last 10 years. and never had an issue. Side walls are strong as too. My partners Michellins side walls is rather weak and popped on slight impact with a kerb.

  • Michelin, any version. Bridgestone would be a good second choice.
    Just replaced a set of Michelins after 80,000km, still had another 20k km left in them easy.
    Got Bridgestones on our other car, done 35,000km. They are good but noisier and rougher ride than the Michelins. Had to replace one Bridgestone thru a kerb bump.