Toyota Aurion 2008+, Any Good?


So I'm looking to purchase a Toyota Aurion (used) however wondering if it's good?

Thank you guys. :)


  • if you like having the handbrake as a pedal, then yes.

  • Good car. A lot of hp. Does burnouts easily. Best of all 'Made in Australia'

  • Scotty Kilmer approved. Naturally, get it checked out by an independent mechanic of your choosing before purchase.

  • Yes. Good service history a must. Engines love to get sludgy with missed servicing.

  • They are fast but handle very average as to be expected from a large FWD car.

  • I love my 2014 Aurion. A great cruiser.

    Most tanks i get 8L/100km average.

    The only downside from 0-60 is a bit sluggish but after that she goes alright. Just like the mrs.

  • I drove one back in the day, just personal preference but I didn't like the FWD aspect. Can imagine they're pretty reliable though.

  • if you can get the rare TRD aurion, it quite a collector's item before the GFC cleared out of all sport models. But as other have mentioned get the service and condition.

  • My parents owned an 2007 and then upgraded to a 2012. Both were amazing mechanically and cheap to service, without any major mechanical issues. The 2012 model did however has an issue with the CD player jamming and the central locking failed. Apparently both are common problems. Be aware though they don't hold their value too well, so probably not the best choice if you're likely to upgrade again in future

  • Check the dashboard isn't all sticky. There was an issue with this model where the dashboard would basically get all sticky and then start to disintegrate. Google 'toyota melting dashboards'

  • A well maintained one is a great car. You can get into trouble with all that power if you are not a good driver.
    Then again a 12 y/o used car can be a piece of crap too.

  • If you buy,make sure ALL oil changes have been done on time,vital in these V6 engines.Very sweet engine otherwise.FWD is not their best aspect though.Not a bad car though.

  • Surprisingly fast and a comfortable long distance tourer. Reasonable fuel economy. Regular wheel alignment is essential because they chew front tyres. Problems with the air conditioner and ducting are common.