50-65k budget, looking for a new or relatively new car... Any comments on my shortlist?

Good afternoon!

I'm looking to buy a new car towards end of the year and have started to make a shortlist now

I'll be using the vehicle mostly to travel to and from work (8km drive each way) and I like a bit of class and power… so yes I know my budget might fall a little short in this regard

When I'm looking for this next car the key features I'm looking for are (in the order of priority):

  1. appearance/ look (decent, classy, preferably coupe)
  2. resell value (after 3 years)
  3. good headspace (i'm 189cm and always had difficulty driving small cars like velosters, i30s etc)
  4. ongoing service fees
  5. fuel efficiency (I probably travel around 10000km per annum so not too much)

So based on my research (albeit not too long), I have shortlisted…

1 Mercedes C200 Coupe (2017-2018 with around 10000-25000km on the metre)

2 Lexus RC300 (2017-2019 with around 10000 – 25000km on the metre)

3 Kia Stinger (2020 brand new) (expecting awful comments here but I'm giving serious considerations too on this one after much review)

4 BMW 4 series (2018 with around 10000 – 25000km on the metre)

With the same budget and considering the above 5 aspects I'm looking at, what are your thoughts on my shortlist? Or are there any other cars that you'd consider/recommend?

Thank you for your time :)

(I'm South Korean by the way so I have something attached to Kia…)

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  • 24
    Mercedes C200 Coupe
  • 43
    Lexus RC300
  • 364
    Kia Stinger
  • 17
    BMW 4 series



    Kia for the win


    I'd be grabbing a late model XE or XF Jaguar. They are much, much better looking and more interesting than a Merc, BMW or Lexus.


    You can get very low mileage Mercedes AMG A45s for $50k. Would be my choice, I love them!


    If you're considering Lexus, test drive NX or RX (sportier looking). Having owned these two they're very comfortable for my needs. Make sure to have a look at the F packaged ones.

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    Bump your budget up and buy a newTesla Model 3.
    Reasons :
    1. Low maintenance fees (Older premium cars are like elephants who take a lot to maintain)
    2. Cheap Fuel (Electricity)
    3. Better resale value

    There are videos on youtube by people who have owned Teslas over time and how much they ended up paying in 2 years.
    Ex : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4WyxHZrYVg
    Having said that , infra in Oz still has to catch up compared to North America


    Another vote for Stinger from me.

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    WRX STI or Stinger


    Take a look at the VW Arteon.

    Fast, efficient, beautiful coupe design.


    Hyundai i30N DCT, 2021?

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    Mercedes c200-250 2015 model, they're pretty cheap these days and I believe the exact shape as 2017.
    Simple, classy, good on fuel and the C250 does 0-100 in 6.5 so not bad.
    Save $$$.


    Secondhand C250 or CLA250 are nicer than C200


    Put it down for a Morty, and have a friend buy the car.


    Care to add one more brand to the shorlist? Volvo actually not too bad, but definitely have some consideration over the service cost.

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    Get some 90s/00s Japanese turbo.
    You'll use lots of fuel, be relatively uncomfortable and have questionable reliability BUT you'll have an appreciating asset and you'll feel cool :P

    Lots of options out there, and even a modern non sports car can be pretty quick. I have a 90s Toyota Aristo, and I know that a 335i would absolutely beat me from a stand still, but to me, my car is much more fun and enjoyable! End of the day, the best car for someone isn't necessarily the best car outright, its what achieves their goals, and is most enjoyable and applicable for them.

    Personally, if you have safe parking I would highly consider an R33 GT-R. With America being able to import them soon, prices are skyrocketing.
    If you're after something more practical, Golf R / RS3 are cool if that's what you're into - they're fast, and practical.


    If you want resale, go with Lexus but it's not gonna be as fast as Stinger on your list.

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    You list some great cars to consider but, your number 1 consideration is resell value Euros and luxury cars aren’t generally good for that. Out of those the Lexus, because Toyota.

    You have some serious budget for a second hand hero car that’s European and may hold its value better etc. A BMW M3 hold well after a certain age or even the M2’s are getting cheap but are newish. Most of the other brands smaller hero cars fall into that price range too Audi RS3 or S3, or Merc A45. Obviously all these cars come with the risks of a used euro car and their repair bill is based on the RRP of the car not their depreciated value so, there could be costs that come down the line. But, you could look for a certified Preowned car from those brands which comes with additional warranty etc.

    Otherwise, Subaru holds their value well, WRX, Or STI (sti if you like manual driving). Hyundai I30N performance would be a great option new or second hand as they have a long warranty. Ford mustang v8 will always be popular too. VW GTI or R mark 7 or 7.5 these days are pretty good used, demo or new buys as the new generation is on the way.

    Kia Stinger is likely a good choice too, but, resale is questionable but you have their long warranty to consider. Be careful if you’re looking in the used market for the yellow stingers, some were recalled and needed to be resprayed.


      Be careful if you’re looking in the used market for the yellow stingers, some were recalled and needed to be resprayed.

      All the yellow ones were recalled and offered and respray and lifetime paint warranty. I have no idea if that warranty is transferable however.


      His number 1 consideration was NOT resale value lol…did you even read what the OP wrote?


    Korean? Kia then


    Of all the people who recommend the Stinger, I'm curious as to how many people actually ponied up the money for it?

    On paper, it is probably the best car you can buy as a value proposition but when I test drove it I found it to be so bland. Yes full acceleration in a straight-line is fun (but if you do that in traffic you will lose your licence).

    I found the gear ratios, engine sound and handling to be so dull. This kind of makes sense since it's a tourer actually, but most people envision it as a sports beast.

    Anyway, long story short for the same money I bought a skoda octavia VRS AND an MX5 ND, both manual. Much more fun drives IMHO

    TLDR: waa waa waa my opinion


    Stinger Meister :)


    Cheapest entry level Tesla.

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    Honestly I wouldn’t buy used for that price. Stretch an extra 10k and get a brand new Tesla model 3. Interest rates are also much lower for Tesla (something about it being zero emissions). You won’t regret it. It is by far the best car you can buy under $120,000 or more (and it’s only $75,000).

    Depreciation has also been very good so far. Looks to hold its value much better than the comparable bmw or merc. You’ll also save money on petrol and servicing; by not having to pay for either of them!


    Lol stuff all of those options and go for a 2014/15 RCF. One will pop up for around the 60k mark eventually and the car is pure class compared to your other options. We nabbed a white one for that price with 40000kms.

    Plenty of car for the money. Fuel efficiency is a bit of a problem but then again, I'd take the trade off for a v8 anyday.

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    So 65k gets a lot of car for the money these days.

    These are the cars I’ve had and would buy again, I generally buy cars either based on the engine gearbox combo and if it’s value in the range plus often means there isn’t as many of them.

    -2018 golf r great car, practical. We had the grid edition and it was a hoot. Plenty of power and to the unsuspecting eye it’s just a golf which I loved. Some people like the badges but I prefer more of that under the radar. If you were just driving it like a regular day it was good on fuel and very comfortable.

    -glc43 we bought ours for $68k very fast and has all the fruit. Again great car, can be thirsty but it has a nice note to it. I know the 63 models are the preferred but they are literally double the price over the 43. Also to note the c43 is basically the same price as glc however you get a whole lot more practicality.

    -sq5 the older diesel model is an absolute gem and is a weapon as well. Amazing fuel economy and super practical. (New diesel one is coming out again so will be keeping an eye on the prices of the new petrol to drop)

    -new model sq5 petrol engine, prices on these will be dropping shortly due to above. It’s a Nice motor and gearbox combo.

    Nothing wrong with a Kia but go drive the Kia and anything else on this list and see which you think is the nicer car to be in. I know the Kia has certainly come along way but it’s the little things that make a difference.
    Take your Kia in for a service you might get a picanto for the day, in contrast take your golf in for a service or an Audi and you might at worst get an a3 or another golf.
    When we took our Audi in for a service they would give us Audi coffee cups which was a nice touch.

    People always hang on about euro servicing cost, but in honesty it’s a fraction of the cost of ownership and most of these brands have less frequent servicing anyway.

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    Only 8km to work?


    You're doing short, cold, hard on combustion engine journeys.

    An EV won't have that issue, and plus long range isn't a huge issue for you.

    Pony up for Tesla. You won't regret it.

    Even the "entry level" Model 3 is 3.4 seconds to 100. Plenty of poke to be fun, and no issues with fuel costs/emissions/etc.

    Second hand "almost new" for about $75k. With the recent price drop, that depreciation is going to hold for a long time.

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    Kia Stinger, that's my favourite from this list, great car, practical fun. It is big though but, 7 year warranty, looks great, has fair performance, it should be bullet proof been on the market for a while with no major issues.

    Lexus, big car small engine, and it's not like the old days without turbos but, I also can't find a new one, I know you mentioned used and a used or demo car would be 'fine', 1700kgs with this level of power, I think it'll chug fuel.

    Immediately, anything used and German, chuck it out. I've owned German cars personally, used and new, least reliable cars I've ever heard about, they are designed to last their warranty period, beyond that they're just time bombs. No not every single one, but mostly and the ones you listed BMW/Mercedes definitely so.

    Did the votes surprise you on the KIA? Didn't surprise me at all it's a no brainer from that list, but shop it against other cars too, I think the rest of this list isn't that great.


    Mazda 6 (depending on how much 'power' it really needs, obviously excellent brand, good resale value and good value services)
    Peugeot 508 GT, Best kept secret of the automotive world Peugeots and Citreons, probably too slow for your liking though.
    Volvo S60, Certainly powerful enough, looks amazing, classiest car in this range for sure.
    Odd ball, Alfa Romeo Giulia (Quadrifoglio), probably too expensive, doesn't hold resale (I don't think), but it's an Alfa, so if you're after an exotic car like the German cars, this might be in your wheel house anyway, just research them to be sure they're alright to actually own long term


      Yeah, the Alfa Romeo Giulia (Quadrifoglio) is the one if you can stretch it. You're basically getting a four-door Ferrari.


    Get a KIA Stinger Night Sky in blue with grey nappa leather. Just like the BMW 4 grand coupe but less $$$.


    Stinger for sure. As a stinger owner I can't fault it.


    tesla. stinger will last 7 year or ….like a mac 4 year lifespan. just google had a different answer

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      I don't believe a Tesla will last any longer on average. Every modern car the electronics are the most common failure point, Tesla will be exactly the same. They claim they'll last longer but they don't back it up with warranty. If they were confident of it lasting longer then they'd offer longer warranty as a marketing point if nothing else.

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    I really hope you didn't get the Stinger, it is ugly