No VoLTE on Boost Mobile for Poco X3 NFC

So I just received my Poco X3 NFC. Before I purchased it I made sure that it supported the 4G bands that Boost/Telstra uses for VoLTE. I went ahead and dialled ##86583## to enable VoLTE and also dialled ##869434## to enable VoWIFI. The VoLTE logo doesn't pop up at the top of my screen and when I go to make a call it changes over to 3G. I swapped sim card slots and restarted the phone, but it still doesn't work. If I pop my sim into my Galaxy S8 VoLTE works straight away.

Does anyone know how to get VoLTE to work?


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  • I have the same case with my Mi5s.

    I do not have all 4g bands but from what I read, Telstra provides VoLTE on 700 Mhz (B28).
    Are the toggle available and switched on in the settings ?
    VoLTE activated on your boost account ?

    Can take up to 24h to work as per a Boost representative (not sure if this quite accurate tbh).

    • Yeah I've activated it through the dialler using ##86583## and it's also on in the sim card settings page. VoLTE was working fine for the last 2 months on Boost with my Galaxy S8.

      Not sure what the issue is…

  • Did you dial the asterisks' aswell? I'm with Boost too but with a Mi 9 and I dialed the following to make it work:
    @#@#86583#@#@ to enable VoLTE. Should say "carrier check disabled" if successfull.
    @#@#869434#@#@ to enable VoWIFI Should say "carrier check disabled" if successfull.

    It took a few hours to take effect.

    Edit: Looks like Ozbargain strips out the asterisks :-(. Replace @'s with asterisks.

    • Yeah I activated both VoLTE and VoWIFI through the dialler, and I made sure that they were both turned on in the sim card settings menu.

  • maybe IMS configuration for Telstra is not included in the OS

  • I had my mi mix 2 working for Optus/telstra with these two codes. I am still waiting for poco x3 it's in sorting centre Syd, should arrive next week. I will put in my Telstra sim card to have a try, finger crossed.

  • VoLTE ?

    How can you tell if you have or have not got it? I assume they all use the internet data for voice transmission anyway?

    • You may have a VoLTE icon in your status bar if you have it, also calls wont fall back to 3g when calling.

  • I have been struggling with this for a long time now.
    My earlier thread for my phone was also on the same lines:

    No VoLTE on Boost Mobile for Redmi Note 5 Pro (Xiaomi) Handset

    Which 4G LTE Band is required for VoLTE in Australia?

    … albeit, my handset does not have Band 28. But in the same threads, there are others using Xiaomi Mi A1 and Mi A2 who have reported that VoLTE works. Similarly another person has reported that VoLTE works on Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro.

    Just having the Band is not enough, the Telco has to support the Firmware on your phone. From what I can make out is that "Mi Phones" get VoLTE on Boost, but "Redmi or POCO Phones" do not get VoLTE. It may be something to do with the firmware, as Mi A1 and Mi A2 will be on Stock Android (no MIUI), so it may already be supported by Telstra for VoLTE.

    Not sure how it works on Mi 9T / 9T Pro, but thats the only other Mi Model which seems to have VoLTE working.

    1. Your phone needs to support it
    2. Your carrier ALSO needs to support it
    3. and you are using your data allowance for VoLTE

    So even though 3rd party resellers like Boost may use Telstra network, they may not have capability to track your data usage

    • Data allowance doesnt get 'accounted' for VoLTE. Data balance is not deducted from your plan if VoLTE calls are used.

      • Rang up Optus and they said VoLTE DOES use up your data

        I will check again

        EDIT: IF data is NOT METERED, would imagine everyone calling international for FREE hehe

        • Having VoLTE doesnt mean you may place an international call.
          You would get charged as per your plan, so if international calls were not included in your plan, you would still get charged for it - VoLTE or not, it is immaterial.

          Just that the "Data Usage" is not accounted for.

  • It depends where your phone came from, grey import sites get their phones from Asian countries and they don't have access to all of our frequencies.

    Each phone comes in multiple configurations and model numbers with different specifications.

  • Has anyone got VoLTE to work on the Poco X3 NFC? Regardless which provider you're with Telstra/Boost, Optus or Vodaphone?

  • here is something that keeps popping up: POSTPAID

    VoLTE is available to eligible Optus consumer and SMB postpaid customers using compatible VoLTE phones.

  • Anyone has poco x3 volte working on telstra network?

  • Other than VoLTE, has your reception been okay with the Poco X3 on the Telstra network? This thread suggests it's not as good as other phones, at least in the posters' location…

  • I have the UK version of the Poco X3 from Amazon.
    Works with VOLTE on Optus. VOLTE sign top right hand and it doesn't fall back to 3G when a call is made.