Anyone Use a Garment Steamer?

Hello there,

I was wondering if any Ozbargainers have experience with using a garment steamer, and how they stack up against ironing. Opinions?
Also, if you have, do you have any recommendations for models. I am preferably looking for something small profile and 'travel friendly' - although we probably won't be doing any of that anytime soon.



  • I use a steamer and have never looked back. So much easier and faster to use and setup in my opinion. Once you get the hang of it, a shirt can be done in 2 min.

  • I use both. Depends on a few things like what fabric you're using it on etc. Something like my suit jacket I'd use my garment steamer, also delicate fabrics like silk and satin as an iron can damage these fabrics. Heavier fabrics like twill respond better to an Iron.

    Irons are good for pressing dress shirts and trousers. Basically – any clothing that requires a crease. I'm pretty efficient when it comes to Ironing… after a lot of practice though. Shirts I find come out crisper when I iron them out compared to a garment steamer but thats my own opinion.

    I've used the Sunbeam Power Steam ($79.95) and the Kambrook Swiftstream ($49.95) during my travels as they are very portable. Use it in a pinch to freshen up my garments if I don't have time to get it properly pressed n such at Hotels etc. Both are pretty decent.

  • I recently bought one, because i wanted a steamer for cleaning everything, such as curtains and futons. I paid about $40 for a chinese one. It took a degree of learning, and what i bought was good for clothes only. the vents for the steam can easily get blocked by particles in the water, but easily cleaned with any brush (toothbrush or cleaning brush for example). Mine has a quick, 15-20 second start up which is really good compared to a lot of others. My iron takes close to 2 minutes to heat up.

    I wish i did a lot more research and bought a steam cleaner, and used it on clothes, rather than a clothes steamer to try and use on other things.
    Either way, an ironing board is not going to go away, its the most practical and helpful aid for using such a device, unless you want to get on the floor with a towel.

  • I bought a SALAV GS16-DJ from China (eBay) 7 years ago and use it 95% of the time. It's so fast, I steam iron even t-shirts now. Cost about $100. Heats up in about 15 seconds and takes a minute to do a shirt (hint: put the hose head inside the shirt and pull down towards you holding the garment tight). I find doing a crisp collar of a shirt or cuffs needs a touch up with an iron, or creases, but who does that these days? I'm of the opinion more people should own/use one as they are better for fabrics (plumping up, rather than crushing) and way faster… get one.