Sale Styles up to 70% off (C&C/+Shipping) Men's Zip Thru Jacket $50 (RRP $179.99) at Jeanswest

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  • Got halfway through the form for the jacket in the picture then stopped and thought about why I am buying a Jacket I don't need and backed out.

    Cancelling my ozbargain membership

  • Its showing 119

    • Up on top says :- NOW $50.00

      Frank Zip Thru Jacket
      No rating value for Frank Zip Thru Jacket-Ink
      0 review
      $ 179.99 $ 119.00

  • Hi , just a quick question was wondering if the quality of their jackets are decent any input would be much appreciated thanks

    • Hopefully so as I took a put punt and purchased C&C . I will try the Jacket on in the shop , if I'm not happy will get a refund ( possibly in regards to size etc.)

    • I got mine yesterday and the quality seems to be quite decent for the price. Your mileage may vary on the sizing, it seems to run a bit large.

      • Good to hear that you received yours y'day and your happy with it. As yet haven't received mine, tell the truth I'd forgotten about it so mite have to chase them up.