Hybrid or City or Cargo Bike?

Time for a new bike, checked 3 local bike shops - No stock and no idea when they will get any so the hunt goes online.

Things I would like

Internal gears
Belt drive (would be nice but is it worth it?)
Racks / Panniers for shopping (is a cargo bike worth it?)
E-bike (very flat probably not required)

Also any discount codes especially for shipping would be great

Thanks for any ideas


  • Yep, we got smashed during covid and the factories haven't had time to catch up, 2021 stock should be arriving late october to november at the earliest. IMHO not a great time to be looking if you're looking at getting a good deal.

    wouldn't bother with a cargo bike unless you will be using it daily with kids, shopping etc.

    Most people make do with any old hybrid (above $750) and chuck some pannier racks on it.

    Belt drive and internal gears are a nice to have from a maintenance point of view, although changing a tyre can be a bit tedious with some of them.

    Given you're in perth E-bikes aren't really a huge deal because we're so flat.

    honestly a cannondale bad boy 1 would be great or canyon commuter 6.0, although expensive. I'm a firm believe in you get what you pay for and if you invest in a good bike you'll enjoy the commute rather than it being a chore.

  • What’s your budget? Belt and internal gears tend not to be cheap. Adding an E will add serious dollars.

    Derailleurs and chains aren’t that bad. Just a little lube from time to time on decent gears. They really don’t go out of adjustment much.

    As for hybrid or city, it depends on the bulk of your riding. If you want speed, go city. If you want comfort go hybrid.

  • Thanks for the responses

    Budget <$2k
    This bike is for my wife would be used with the kids / library / shopping etc. I have a seperate commuter.