Dulux Vs Wattyl for Interior Paint

Hi fam,
Getting our interior house painted soon by professional painter. The house is empty and we are renting elsewhere so perfect opportunity. I would paint it myself (have done before on a smaller scale) but with a 1 year old whilst working full time I just don’t have the time.

My painter wants to use Wattyl paint for the house and claims it’s just as good as Dulux if not better. I’m a fan of Dulux wash n wear having painted before and the coverage is superior.

Should I go with Wattyl premium or argue with my painter about using Dulux?

Have you personally used Wattyl paints or have anything to add to the above? Interested in your thoughts my fam!

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  • They are honestly much the same.
    Imo Haymes is the best and these are pretty equal.
    At the end of the day, it's a professional painter doing it. There shouldn't be coverage concerns.

    • This^ haymes it's much better.

    • Fair call. I’ll put my trust in the dude I’m paying a ton of cash to do

    • Is Haymes cheaper than Dulux?

      • Generally speaking no. It's a case of you get what you pay for. to an extent though Dulux is a little over rated. They have the best/most advertising and that what's makes them number 1 in the market, not the product.

    • +1 agree with you also if its a professional painter

      being a professional they generally avoid the cheap watery paint. Its way to thin, drips and runs too easily.

      Source: painted a few houses in my time. the cheap bunnings/masters paint is cheap for a reason. ended up having to mix other more expensive ones together to get right non watery consistency.

      Rather than fuss about brand of paint consider low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paint instead. Its supposedly its meant to be better for health and have less of a lingering smell.

  • If you're nitpicky about colour then dulux is best

    • Colour tinting can be done to any paint. We are using Dulux colours but painter wants to use wattyl paint tinted in whatever colour we agree on

  • Make sure they actually buy what you want. We got some painters in many years ago they promised delux wash and wear but we suspected they just bought cheap paint.

  • I voted Dulux, however I've dealt with many painters on many commercial projects that have used Dulux or Wattyl, and they pretty much the same.
    Some painters can get Wattyl cheaper as they have an account, or vice versa.

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    Dulux because of the dog in the ad. Grew up with it.

  • Go with the one that gives you a tin of jelly beans.

    Also, DIY, you'll save a tonne of money.