Advice for First Timer Selling Gift Cards

Hi, I have a couple of large value gift cards that I want to sell. Is there anything I should keep in mind when I do this? Is bank transfer or paypal the better option? I'm guessing paypal is safer for the buyer, which is fine, but how do I retain proof of the sale and balance on the cards? I've heard that people can do charge backs although I've never experienced this when selling through ebay etc.



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    Cash on delivery…

  • Do you like playing Russian roulette with an unknown number of bullets?

    THE ONLY SAFE OPTION for the buyer and seller is meeting in the store with the exchange being done at the cashier as they scan the product they want and complete payment (3 way deal basically).

    Make it clear in your AD transaction in store is the only option and you will avoid the scammers.

    • Ok. What sort of scams can there be if you use paypal? You have a tracking number to prove you sent it.

      • Tracking number is not enough to rpotect you against a chargeback or dispute. Out of curiosity, what gc are you looking to sell?

      • Tracking number is only proof it was delivered. If the buyer decides to lie and even if you had video proof it was valid and unactivated you will probably lose the case.

  • Don't show the gift card bar code (or any unique number) on your ad or send a photo to people who enquire. A few people have lost their gift cards this way and there is a cohort of people on Gumtree and fbm who prey on the naive - they are able to use the card either online or re generate it via a complicit shop. And you are left with $0

  • The buyer needs to be protected in case you are selling dud cards. You are exposed to charge back as the buyer can claim rightly or wrongly that the cards were dud. That is a chance you might have to take. As stated above the only safe way for both parties is to do it in store and you might need to offer a sizeable discount to make it worth the buyers time. Best of luck.

  • Depending on whether you are willing to pay for the service, Voucha offers to sell Gift Cards on their website ( I haven't used it before, but have bought unwanted Gift Cards when I lived in UK. May be worth considering (although don't expect to get offered decent purchase price of your Gift Cards from them).

  • PayPal offer no seller or buyer protection for gift cards