Suggestion for tablet used for work purpose

Hi friends,

I am looking for a tablet which is mainly used as portable device for my work purpose. Usage includes mails office 365, pdf, powerpoint, MS Teams, zoom calls and will also be used for media consumption like YouTube, Netflix, Prime etc.

I use Android mobiles and windows laptops but if ipad are the only better option then I am flexible as well.

Ipad, Android tablets, chromebook, Microsoft surface??

Also looking for 1 more tablet for my wife and kid. The main purpose of this tablet is media consumption for my 4 years old kid.

Please help with suggestions and thanks in advance.


  • iPad is of course the better option. Apple's ARM chips can't be beaten, the display is great, battery life is great, the apps are better, it's overall a great experience. Unless you think you'll drop it, because the screen is glass. All the Microsoft apps and services you mentioned are available, and more. Install the OneDrive app and you'll have access to files on your PC. This is great for me because I have many folders of design work that could be needed to be sent by email or opened up in an editor on the iPad while on the go. I can remote into my PC at home through the iPad too.

    From what you describe you won't need more than the base GB storage model either. You may want the cellular version though.

    • Yep, can't go wrong with the latest base-model (8th gen) and its A12 CPU. Reliable, quick, apps are optimised well and minimal standby drain (what you need for a work device).

  • iPad!

    I think Tab S6 lite wouldn't be too bad either since AMOLED screen and 16:10 is better ratio for watching video compared to 4:3 but you get way better performance with iPad and probably lot more updates on the OS.

    That said, I am a sucker who bought Tab S7, while he still has a reasonably functioning iPad 6th gen one… but that's a slightly different story.

  • If it's for work then which ever one they supply you with. If you already have a laptop why do you need a tablet? Is it one of those laptops that never leaves the office desk?

    Work aside, I'd personally go with Android, less restrictive in apps and hardware (connecting USB devices and displays) but Apple has better marketing. Which phone does you wife use? If you both have Android phones it'd be weird having an Apple tablet.

    • but Apple has better marketing

      lol no mate, their iPads are just far superior. OzB almost uniformly agrees on this.

    • It doesn't feel that weird to have an iPad with the Android phone, at least for my case. If you ask me, I guess cables and apps (you need to buy two of the same apps for each OS and some apps are not on iOS or Android etc) were rather annoying but other than that eh.

      You'd definitely get more out of the iPad if you had an iPhone though. This has not been a deal breaker for me.

      If I have to say what pushed me towards getting an Android tablet over an iPad, it was more the fact that I didn't like how iOS handled multitasking and Apple's way of implementing things, the my way or the highway mentality. I would've begrudgingly paid for an iPad Pro if I felt convinced enough that it was the best option. I just felt it wasn't :P

  • For tablets iPads are the way to go, they have a lot more apps available, much more software support than Android, build is better and the processing chip is more powerful. Having said that it is more pricey, but you can get the older generations as they are still very good.

    If Android tablets are being considered the only brand I would go for is Samsung. There are a lot of rubbish tablets out there that are not worth your time. Look at the Samsung Tab S6 Lite, the S5E if you can find it (discontinued) or for a more budget friendly option the Tab 10.1 2019 128gb

  • It seems like a laptop would be better for a lot of the things you do. Why do you want a tablet instead?

  • Panadol