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[PS4, XB1] Mafia: Definitive Ed $59 / $57, Mafia Trilogy $74 @ Amazon AU

Game Amazon AU JB Hi-Fi
[PS4] Mafia: Definitive Ed $59 $59
[XB1] Mafia: Definitive Ed $57 $59
[PS4] Mafia Trilogy $74 $79
[XB1] Mafia Trilogy $74 $79

Looks like Amazon AU reacting to JB Hi-Fi prices so I’ve included them as well. Maybe you prefer pickup, maybe you have gift cards to use.

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  • -3

    Sorry to spoil the Definitive Edition, but whilst it is a solid game with a good plot, the storyline is a bit short and the graphics aren't the best. Still better than the first instalment and worthwhile at that price.

  • Graphics were still a bit dated, rather short n the combat was fairly basic but the voice acting and story was still solid.

  • +4

    Mafia 1 - one of best games of all time.

  • How does this compare to LA Noire? I enjoyed LA Noire so am hoping for more of the same.

    • +1

      LA noire was good. This is better story.

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