Cheap Smart Watch for epilepsy app

Hi all

I'm looking for the cheapest price for a smartwatch that support the epilepsy app ( The app will work on iOS, Wear OS and Tizen OS (Operating Systems).
I'm not looking for a dedicated medic watch, since the boys will get bored with it and not wear it, it has to be as fun as can be.

As we need 2 and boys will be boys, I'm after the cheapest option.
Any watch suggestions would be helpful
Kind regards

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    The app site does give you a list of watches that are compatible. Maybe a bit of Googling around for the price on those. I'm not sure I would be looking for a watch outside that list to ensure correct functionality; especially around the fall function.

    Unless the boys have Apple phones I would avoid Apple because you need an Apple phone to set them up. If you are a Costco member, and they have a suitable watch, you could test out if you like the app by buying them from there. They have a return policy so if it doesn't work out you can get your money back.

    Best of luck on your quest, it must be tough.

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    Cheers for that, I never even noticed the specific models, but yes, probably better to stay true to the types mentioned.
    Thanks for the tips and words. Its actually for my neighbours, they are struggling a bit so we are trying to help out where we can. But I thought id save everyone the back story.


      No probs. I wish them the best then. A bit of kindness is what we all need right now. The other thing to find out is if the epilepsy foundation gets a discount on the watches and see if something can be done with student discounts.


        Yep, we definitely need kindness and patience, I must be getting older 😁. Thanks again!


      Are your neighbours overweight or obese? Is this Epilepsy weight related?


        Not at all. They can run the 5k under 20minutes, extremely good health