Where to Buy Reliable Replacement Batteries for a Laptop?

I have a T430s, with a 16gb of RAM and non-lowpower core i7 it's still going strong and more than adequate for my use. but the original battery only lasts about 20 seconds.

In past I have had hit and miss (mostly miss) with buying third party and claimed "original" batteries from ebay/amazon. Best I've had is around 70% capacity of the original.

Has anybody had a good experience with a specific seller/ brand of batteries to get near original performance?


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    The only good experience I had was buying original batteries directly from the manufacturer, in your case Lenovo. The batteries will be more expensive, but they will last years and are risk free.

    • At this point I would even consider the extra expense that but where could I buy a legit battery for ThinkPad T430s in Australia? Lenovo doesn't seem to sell them.

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        Ah, that doesn't help :)

        Not sure if this is really genuine, but it has the Lenovo brand on it.

  • Personally I consider any 3rd party battery to be a fire hazard, you simply don't know the safety standard of 3rd party batteries and they are the first to cause problems.

    Generally you can get a genuine battery online.

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    We use daily https://www.betterbatt.com.au/
    For a HP laptop, we oversized also and has been working well for 6 months.

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    We've used betterbatt.com.au regularly and never had trouble. Often for older laptops you can't get from manufacturer directly.

    Descending order of priority:
    1 Directly from manufacturer
    2. www.betterbatt.com.au
    3. eBay as an absolute last resort

  • Wow, these are expensive offers, I seem to remember the original Lenovo battery being around $50 3 years ago.

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