Local ALDI Doesn't Stock Almost Any Special Buys

Hi all,

The Aldi that I usually go to, Brandon Park (Vic), has almost nothing from the special buys. Example from 3 October special buys, the only things in store are car jump leads, car mats and cleaning accessories, everything else is missing.

I was looking forward to get some items that I needed but unfortunately it seems that I can't.

Does your local Aldi store stock everything or most things shown in Special Buys?

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    I went to ALDI yesterday on the hunt for a car cover around 11 and was able to get one in my required size.

    What time did you go?

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    Join the queue Wednesday and Saturday
    Snooze ya lose

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    I'm pretty sure a lot of people actually queue up outside the stores on certain days and the special buys get wiped out pretty quickly.

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    While stocks last - please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand.

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      Staff can put them aside too (probably not policy but have seen it happen eg air purifier special).

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      careful planning lol

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    Aldi is a top kek. Was down there a few weeks ago at about 5 mins to opening time and there was already 30 or so people lined up. There was some special buy on for something everyone was there for, and they were all agreeing to only buy one each and who gets what and so on (I think it was the Air Fryer??)

    Doors open, mad rush panic to get inside to find there was only one of the "special buys" item in stock. It was then a massive fight over who got it. Nothing as funny as watching bogans scrapping over something like this.

    In the end, one woman got the item and the store just emptied out with lots of calls to "boycott" and "wait till I get on Facebook". I was free to finish my buying in a store that was devoid of customers 5 mins after a line up stormed the place.

    Now I wait for popular items to go on "special buys" and I attend just for the sheer pop corn of it all :D

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    Nothing as funny as watching bogans scrapping over something like this.

    And there's nothing like a bit of casual class warfare to self-avow social superiority, huh?

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    If you get there at open you will usually get what you want. I have two stores near me and one is small so if I desperately want something I go to the bigger one. The smaller one often stocks less, so if there’s more people in the queue my chances are lower.

    If you don’t go at open, you will often miss out.

    Also note I’m in Vic and these stores have been fantastic at organising the lines during covid. They were only letting about 10 people in and then a few mins later another 10. This made it a first come first serve without people going crazy.

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    Call my name out loud please

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    Use facebook. They have a bot that can tell you which stores have what

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    For many items, Bunnings would bring down the price of a very similar item so you may buy that online and collect in 2-3 days. At least for tools and other Bunningy things it works well.

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    people queue up before 8am on wednesday and saturday for the good products, went after night shift to get my regular groceries and there was already a line down the road. didn't realise why until 8.30 and there was a stampede

  • If you look at the Aldi special buys web page they indicate that they have stock availability problems and not all items are available in all areas and states. Not sure if they are still doing this but in Vic for a while they stopped selling heavy items because it required two or more people to move them.

  • I personally was looking at Motorcycle gloves and Kids Scooters, none available. Asked staff members, they didn't sell them.

  • I spoke to a guy at Aldi today because they didn't have a special buy that went on sale (and there wasn't even an empty shelf or price sticker/marker for it!). He told me that in metro Melbourne, because of the COVID lockdowns and associated rules they were not getting a lot of the special buys, but I might have more luck in regional VIC.

    • Yup, let's go to regional Vic. Oh wait …