Cheapest Way to Purchase NBA 2K21

It's my sons birthday and he wants to spend his money on 2K
We have Game Pass and Playstation sub

We have 2K20 (free!) on PS and we had on game pass - but got to have the new one apparently (oh the OzB shame!)

Happy to buy on either platform but first preference is PS

Can I buy digital code OS and it works locally?
Can I buy giftcards or something to get a discount?

Any suggestions welcome


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    Wait until black friday if you can. Usually under 40 bucks at Amazon


      Thank you - odds of getting him to wait 2 months - slim - but I will mention

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    Here's a comparison site for physical copies that may help. Still seems too expensive at $70.

    If you have Prime it's $67 shipped at Amazon right now.

    Also may be able to save $10 by using the Amazon app. Getting this message on the above page, not sure if targeted.

    "Get $10 off only on the Amazon mobile app. Enter code APPONLY10 at checkout."


      This looks great

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    Think EB usually have a trade in 2 games and get it for $29 deal - if youve got some old physicals you want to get rid of.


      Don't have an EB close but worth a shot