Digital Piano / Keyboard Recommendations (Casual Player)

Hi ozbargainers,

I’m trying to pick up playing piano again. I won’t be playing a lot but just want an instrument that sounds like a piano so I can practice pieces that I like (aka it doesn’t have to sound amazing, have weighted keys etc.)

I was looking at amazon and marketplace and was thinking about getting the Alpha 61 keys piano keyboard ($150). However, the reviews seem to say that it sounds awful, basically like a toy. Although I don’t need it to sound good, people should be able to tell the song/ piece I’m playing and I assume this just sounds like those piano toys that you get from Kmart.

Pls suggest any recommendations. It will be hugely appreciated. Cheers!



    What is your budget, I have an entry level Casio keyboard and it is fine for casual players, around $300.

    But I would love to go up to a 88 key weighted one.


      My budget was around $150-$200 but it kinda seems like a stretch now. May I know which Casio model you have now? Thanks a lot


    If you are serious about it and want to become a better player and do have some money, highly recommend the Korg B2 which goes for about $650. I'm a pianist of about a decade and a bit, and only played on a real piano. Got a Korg B2 this year as I moved out of home and I love it. Does the job really well.


      I don’t really want to invest in an expensive one since I might be moving interstate / internationally in 2-3 years. Nonetheless, thanks for the suggestion. I might get it when I’m ready to settle down.

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        +1 for the the B2 Korg digital piano. I have the white one and I'm casual user. Sometimes can pick up one of these 2nd hand for around $400. In this price range, mostly they are in very good condition. True piano users don't really abuse their gear.

        I've tried cheaper models, non weighted, < 88 keys. It's not the same. Anything in these category I wouldn't call it a digital piano, it is just a keyboard.
        The sound and feel is most important for me. Particularly if you're an amateur learning off Youtube rather than sheet music, you need to be able to hear and match the sound of the keys from a video tutorial.

        Check out this site, they have the typical brands for digital piano. The cheapest is the Roland 61 key non weighted at $479. Then the 88 semi weighted Alesis at $529
        I would stick to Roland, Yamaha, Korg or Casio. They have been making these for decades.


          Thank you so much for the detailed review and suggestions. Hugely appreciated. I will definitely check them out.


    Get a second hand one off gumtree, so many people sell theirs after gathering dust as the interest wears off.


      I was looking on fb marketplace but unfortunately most of them have yellow keys / there is something wrong with the sound system or a few keys. This made me decided to get a new one since it’s safer. I’m still eyeing for a good second hand model but I think buying a new one seems like the best bet for me.